Sunday, June 18, 2017

Currently: So Much Stuff!

Listening: At the very moment of this writing I'm listening to a very random Spotify playlist that includes ALL my favorites... pre kpop and post. It's perfect. I need to add to this list more often so I can have it always updated with the very best music!! Anyway, it's been a great blast to my music past of just over a year ago. I really do love all kinds of music... all kinds. All languages. All genres. All. ALL!!

What what I'm loving right now Kpop-wise? This new song that two of our BTS boys gave us this week:

Watching:  In the Kdrama department I'm watching a lovely romantic comedy/suspense starring the beautiful Ji Chang Wook called Suspicious Partner or Love in Trouble depending in which site you are watching on. It's...perfect. It's like a beach read, full of a mix of silly swoony romantic stuff and then edge of your seat what the crap is going to happen stuff. This one is currently airing and doesn't end until July 12, so we have a few more weeks to enjoy it. I've finished a couple other dramas which I'll be reviewing soon. Stay tuned.

In the American department, I finished Survivor, which was another fun season, though I was MAD MAD MAD when Ozzy got out. Dang, that dude is fun to watch on that show. I guess you could call him my Survivor bias. LOL!! I'm woefully behind in the movie going/watching. Sheesh, nothing sounds interesting. But I would like to see Pirates. And since you are all raving about Wonder Woman, maybe that one too.

Reading: I feel like I'm doing SO MUCH BETTER with reading lately. Let me know if you think so too as the reviews start coming. Ha. We'll see I guess. I'm determined to fit it in better. I just need to give up more sleep I think. Right now I'm reading Tell Me Three Things, a YA contemporary that I'm totally enjoying even though it as some content that is making me cringe a bit. Anyway. I'll tell you about it soon when I finish it!

Writing: So beta read a book for a friend this past week, and that was so fun! And it's made me pick up my very first story (the skinwalker one if you are keeping track) to try and spiff it up to the point where I might be able to let it back out into the wild. And I'm dying to finish up some of the other unfinished stories.. so the bug is back and here's hoping I can run with it.

Blogging: It's been better too, hasn't it? I do want to blog more about the K stuff and have made a few changes to reflect that. But I'm still leery. Anyway, I'm going to try and let it loose (and you thought I already had... ha!) more but still do all the same stuff I've done all these years too. It may take awhile to find this balance that I'm searching for. A work in progress as they say...

YouTubing: Well. This aspect of life is using up most of my time and keeping me insanely busy. I wish I could make money on it but since all our videos include copyrighted music YouTube says... no way. Anyway. We are on the verge of 10,000 subscribers which blows me away. Still, it feels like it's been forever since we've been hovering there and it's making me crazy. Meanwhile, we have so many ideas for videos and so much new music to react to (reaction videos are the weirdest and stupidest things but that's what this audience wants!) that we can do sometimes two or three videos day. It reminds me of how I felt back a few years ago with blogging. It's overwhelming the amount of stuff! And so far, I'm still loving it though I fear the momentum will wane after the summer and life changes. Anyway, I'm riding it while I can. To answer the currently question though, we are currently working on a marathon of a lesser known kpop group called 24K and they are awesome. Also, we've put up a couple of BTS videos, riding the wave of their huge current popularity. And then the other day we reacted to a video that was so crazy fun we couldn't stop giggling. Watch if you are in the mood for some silliness. :)

Oh, but you all actually might be interested in this where my daughter did a cover of a song with her harpist friend. It's quite impressive, don't you think?

Health Watch: Two weeks every day on the treadmill again. Keep your fingers crossed it actually does something. Eating continues to go the same. Either I eat crappy or I starve. I don't know how to do the middle thing.

Family Fun: 

  • last violin gig yesterday after 13 years of lessons and recitals and things
  • little family camping trip coming up in a couple weeks
  • youngest graduated from high school and got a job which actually hasn't started yet
  • oldest graduated from college and is on to graduate school and CPA tests (CPA right? That's the accountant one?)
  • second is in the process of buying her first house
  • third broke his arm in a bike crash but is doing well now and back to drumming and gardening
The family at graduation minus the daughter who lives far away. 

And that's my current update for now!


  1. I have noticed you blogging more and it makes me happy. You'll find a nice balance.

  2. I've noticed you blogging and reading more. :) I'm excited to that Ji Chang Wook has a new kdrama out since I <3 him. I'll have to wait until it's free to watch it, though. I just don't watch enough kdramas to justify the subscription fee.

    I'm glad life is going well. I hope it continues to go well for you. :D And, yay for Tori and her new job. I hope she enjoys it.

    1. Should I have said Toto? Oops. Sorry...

    2. Jenni: No worries. And I hope she enjoys it too... it would be nice if they'd ever call her and say COME WORK NOW! :)

  3. I have noticed the reading and blogging more. It is hard to find a good balance for all the loves in life.



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