Saturday, June 17, 2017

Book Review: What Alice Forgot by Liane Moriarty

Book: What Alice Forgot by Liane Moriarty
Genre: Literary Fiction- ish
Rating:★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

So here's a book I've heard about forever and finally read for book club this past week. And no, it's not the Alice one who has Alzheimer's. That's the other one! (We got these books mixed up SO MANY TIMES!)

Anyway, it's about an Alice who fell one day and clunked her head. She woke up thinking she was 10 years younger than she is and pregnant with her first child. When she realizes it is actually 10 years later and she has three kids and her marriage is on the rocks, she is blown away. How could this be?

She slowly tries to figure out her "new" life. And is even more blown away when she figures out she has become a stranger to herself during these ten years. And it all seems due to someone named Gina who no will tell her about.

It's all very mysterious.

I found the premise really fascinating because the first thing it does is make you think about your own life and would you recognize yourself ten years from now. Or would your younger self recognize the you you are today? Have you made good changes or bad ones? Have you done anything with your life? Have you alienated all the people around you? Are the things that were important ten years ago still important?

It's an interesting thing to think about!

I felt a little depressed though because it made me crazy that her life was so messed up, in some sense. Pretty great in others I guess. But her marriage fell apart because of just stupid things and it seemed like even her new perspective on life wasn't going to fix it. That really killed me. But....

I'll just leave it there in case you decide to read it. But probably you've all read it already and you know what I'm talking about anyway!

In the end, I really liked it. It was well written and fun and fast paced. Even in my altered reading state these days, I managed it easily!


  1. Ever since I discovered Big Little Lies a month ago I've tore through the majority of Liane's books, and this one is one of my favorites! I agree the premise is really interesting, and it had me thinking about my own life and what 10 years ago me would think.

  2. I'm glad you ended up liking it. I hope I do to when I finally finish it, lol.

  3. I'm so glad you and everyone seemed to like this one. I loved it. It makes you think and still manages to be a fast paced fun read.

  4. I loved it! I'm glad you read it, and I was surprised you read it SO fast. It was a good book club discussion.

  5. This is one is of the few Liane Moriarty books I've not read, but it's been on my list for a long time too. I'm glad you ended up enjoying it :)



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