Saturday, June 24, 2017

In Which, WE WON!

The other day, thanks to the peer pressure of Kami and Jenni, we (Toto and I) went to the Provo Library and joined in on their book trivia night. Together, we formed a team, along with a random other teammate who came to the event alone and joined up with us. We called ourselves The Reading Mongooses... or some such thing.

There was about six or so other teams and we proceeded to play nine rounds. Each round had ten questions along a theme... like... books to movies, significant others, villains, etc. The genres represented were across the board, from classics to picture books and everything in between.

We did well. We only missed a few questions. It was surprisingly fun! We added our score and then it was time to reveal. I figured we were doing about the same as all the other teams. And we did... and it was close. But in the end, we had ONE MORE POINT than all the next best team!

WE WON! Who knew? I mean, those other guys were pretty up on their book trivia too! And then I wondered, is the fact that we won just sort of a bragging right? Did we get to take home an extra pile of candy?

And then, they passed out our prizes and each one of us on the team got our own $25 gift card to Barnes and Noble! I was like, wow. This is a legit prize! Who knew?

Anyway, yeah. It turned out to be really fun and totally worth the effort. So the other day Toto and I happily went to the store and spent our money. Here's what we got:

Better yet, I plan to actually read them! (Well, except Empire of Storms... since I'm really not up on that series at the moment.)

Stay tuned!


  1. How great! Congrats on your win -- I'm glad you were able to get some great books with the prize. :)

  2. I wish I could have gone. It looks like a fun time and those are awesome prizes!

  3. You got your post up before me! It was a really fun night. Thanks for coming with us! I hope they do a trivia night ever year!

  4. Congratulations! This sounds like a ton of fun :)

  5. It was so fun!!! I'm glad we pressured you and Toto into coming! :D And, yes, we were the Reading Mongooses. It comes from this clip in Futurama:



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