Sunday, June 25, 2017

Introducing: MONSTA X

In a couple of weeks we'll be heading back to LA for our third kpop concert experience. This time we'll be experiencing the group called MONSTA X! Guys. I'm so excited my stomach hurts! But since they are coming up soon, I figured it was also their turn to get highlighted here on the blog.

Jooheon, Wonho, Hyungwon, Minhyuk, Kihyun, Shownu, I.M

This group sort of appeared out of nowhere for me last summer. I was just opening up to exploring the whole black hole of kpop music, allowing myself to listen to other groups besides Super Junior. I'd embraced a few others by then and suddenly, this group appears. From the very moment I saw that very first video I was entranced.

The first video I saw from Monsta X. This song is called Hero.

 Then they went to KconLA in July and though we didn't get to go to the event, we had fun streaming it and watching it at our house. But when it was Monsta X's turn, the stream failed. I thought I would die of frustration. It hit me then.... this group was turning into more than just another group to check out. I was invested. I had fallen. It was over.

Then one day I happened to be watching V-Live (an app where these kpop stars log in and talk to fans in real time) and Minhyuk was on. And I was mesmerized by his soft spoken voice, his humbleness, his realness. And how he could so easily just talk to us like everything was totally normal. I fell again.

The are a fairly new group, debuting in 2015, and starting to become noticed last year in 2016. (They actually performed at the my exchange daughter's school in Busan before they debuted. She told us..."they were THIS FAR AWAY" and she indicated only a half a room's length. Ah! Lucky her!!!)

So, who are these guys? Here we go:

Shownu is the oldest and the leader. When I watched them at Kcon last summer (when the stream finally started working again) he was the one that stood out. His dancing is AMAZING and then when he sings, it's like this pretty angelic voice. The body and the voice don't go together at all and I was in awe. But dang. His dancing. It's just... crazy. Oh and yeah. He's kinda known for his biceps...

Wonho is the other one that stood out at first also because of his dancing. He has an attitude that portrays total and complete confidence. He seems to be like that when he's just being himself too. Not an act, just how he is. But without arrogance. It's a weird thing. He's extremely sexy and he knows it and he uses it and we all eat it up. (Mostly likely you will notice him quite a bit in the above Hero MV!)

Minhyuk, mentioned above, is like this calming balm. I'm addicted to his talking voice. Sadly, he doesn't have many singing parts in this group, but when he does, I melt. He seems to be the nurturer of the group and also, the life of the party. He's calm on one hand, but the silly clown on the other. Another weird combination. In real life, I think he would be sweetest nicest friend a person could ever have.

Kihyun is the main singer, the belter, the high note person. The crooner. Oh my word, but he can sing. I haven't figured out much about his personality yet though. However, he and Minhyuk did do an hour plus long V-Live one time where they talked deep serious subjects and it was fascinating. I'm intrigued by him for sure. Also, he likes to cook. :)

Hyungwon escaped my notice for a long time. I thought he looked funny with his pouty lips! But then I saw the show where these guys spent time at a day care center for their reality show, and he killed my heart. And since then I've noticed his dancing, his long long legs dancing, his beautiful eyes, and his quiet nature. He lets everyone else have the spotlight. And then he dances. I'm falling for him fast.

Jooheon I think is one of my favorite rappers. (Don't tell Rapmon!) His enthusiasm and energy is CRAZY! I love it! He is so so so much fun! And then... ah... the dimples. He is giving Rapmon a run for his money on that count too! He is adorable and funny and sensitive and as cool as they come. (He stands out in the Hero MV too. He's the one that starts the song in that so very Jooheon way!)

I.M is the other rapper and he, like Hyungwon, escaped my notice at first too. Then, like Hyungwon, I watched him with the kids and melted. He is a true sweetheart. So so soft. Why are the rappers always the soft ones? It doesn't make sense. He's adorable. And he's the only one that knows a little English (having been an exchange student) but he forgets it a lot and then it's fun to laugh with/at him as he tries. So cute. He's also the one that says "guys, just calm down" so much! I love it!

Together, these guys have a very distinct sound that I can't describe, but you can always feel it when a MONSTA X song comes on. The two rappers stand out, and then those angelic voices mixed in... it's just... the best.  And then when you watch them dance on top of that. It's over.

Here's a compilation of bunch of their songs just to give you an idea:

I love them and can't wait to see them. To MEET them actually. We have pit tickets this time, which makes me nervous, but should be a blast if we can survive, and they come with a hi-touch, which means afterwards, we'll get to go up on stage and high ten them all! Hopefully with "crossed fingers" included! Ah. I might die.

This video shows what I mean by a hi-touch and crossing fingers:

Here they are performing their newest song which came out just last week;

Yeah. Monsta X. I love them.


  1. Another concert?! Wow! And you get the touch them? I hope you guys don't pass out. ;)

    1. Jenny: I'm going to totally pass out. Hopefully we'll get it on film. :)

  2. I'm glad you guys get to see Monsta X too. I like them. By the way, Corey was watching music videos over the weekend. One of the bands he likes dance in their videos like kpop artists and they sound pretty similar too just in English. I asked him why this was okay, but kpop wasn't. He didn't have a good answer.

    1. Jenni: What band was it? It's because he... well... I was going to list the reasons. I know them all. But I'll hold back... for now...

  3. I approve of your Shownu picture. :) That's really cool that you get to do high fives. Sounds like it'll be another fun concert!


    But I want to hug Minhyuk!



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