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Kdrama Review: Lovely Love Lie (aka. The Liar and His Lover)

Drama: Lovely Love Lie (or The Liar and His Lover)
Genre: Romantic drama
Starring: Lee Hyun Woo, Joy. Lee Seo Won
Rating:  ❤ ❤ ❤

This drama was basically a behind the scenes look at what it might be like in a small kpop entertainment company. It wasn't pretty. I really hope it's not truly like this, but my guess is, they got a lot of stuff exactly right.

It centers around a guy who is the songwriter/producer for a very popular band called Crude Play. In fact, he used to play for this band, but instead decided to go incognito and just write their songs. One day, his phone died and he had a tune and lyrics go through his head, but no way to get it saved. Just then, this girl rides by on her bike and she stops, he borrows her phone, records this song and mails it to himself. But didn't delete it.
The guys who play the guys in Crude Play. Aren't they cute though?

So the girl, who is a budding music artist herself. pretty much falls in love with him on the spot and is now obsessed with figuring out who he is. Oh, by the way, she is a HUGE Crude Play fan! If only she knew!!

Well. They do meet up and connect but of course he doesn't tell her who she is... thus the title of the the drama. Meanwhile, she and the two guys she is in a bad with end up getting signed at this small entertainment company... the same one that runs Crude Play! OH NO! Yeah. It gets complicated from there!
The new band that joins the company... Mush and Co.
And the guy on the right is the one I wanted to see get the girl, but of course, he's NOT THE LEAD!

And so it goes. The relationships between the bands... the producers, the managers, the boss. The manipulations between them all. The hurt feelings, the disloyalty, the bonds made and broken. The lies and.. all of it. It's depressing thinking that this stuff probably really goes on.

So that part made me sad.

The romance was cute and fun though. I've seen it described as a pure and innocent romance in lots of places. Which is weird to me cause the guy is "older and experienced" and so for him to suddenly revert back to cute and innocent was strange to me. But still, it was fun.

However, there is not just a triangle in this story, but a... I don't know, what do you call if there is three guys all wanting the girl? Sheesh. Lucky girl. Anyway, I was kinda rooting for the guy who had ZERO chance, but that's how it goes sometimes.

Joy and Lee Hyun Woo

The girl who played this part is Joy from Red Velvet.. a very popular Korean girl group. It was fun to get to know her. I actually really enjoyed the all the songs they sing in this show. It had a sort of musical feeling to it cause there was a lot of singing.

I give it a lower rating because there were a lot of slow parts in between the good parts that were just too boring. And 'cause I wasn't in love with the main dude. LOL.

Here's a trailer:

And here's the song... sung by the two leads... with more clips.

But I actually liked the song sung by the boy band group much better, of course:


  1. I love what you did with your blog title!

  2. This drama sounds like it was one that was made more to appeal to K-pop fans and the idea behind it reminds me a little bit of Dream High. Although since Dream High deals with high schoolers trying to make it in the K-pop industry the whole series had this youthful heartwarming optimism to it that it sounds like this drama last although it sounds like both dramas touched on some of the darker aspects of the industry but it sounds like they dealt with those aspects differently. I think it's cool that the main girl is from Red Velvet since that's my second favorite K-pop group so it's nice to know at least one their members made their acting debut.

    When more than two guys like the main girl it's typically called a reverse harem which is a trope that is more popular in anime and manga than in dramas but since quite few dramas take ques from anime/manga I don't find it too surprising that their tropes end up in dramas.

    I really like that you added a to be watched list onto your Kdramas page since it's nice to know what you're planning to watch next. Pinocchio is my fourth favorite drama that I've watched so far and it's written by favorite kdrama writer and it stars Lee Jong-suk who you know is favorite of mine. Pinocchio is just such a brilliant drama it has such a good story and themes and characters that I just adore and such a good romance, also the writing, acting and directing are just so well done. I can't wait to hear your thoughts about this series and once you post your review you can expect a fairly long comment from me with a recommendation to watch I Hear Your Voice.

    I've actually recently started watching Coffee Prince and so far it's really good and the leads are just a joy to watch together so you have that look forward to when you start that drama. Personal Taste is one my to watch list too because even though the premise sounds a little bit yikes I have heard that the series is actually really good. Fight My Way is also on my to watch list because I'm watching Witch's Romance right now and Park Seo Joon's characters is one of the most swoon worthy leads I've ever encountered and I love friends to lovers stories anyway. Chicago Typewriter also sounds interesting and I have mixed feelings about whether or not I want to watch King of High School.

    1. Lilly: Thanks for the awesome comment. I think this drama was actually based on an anime of some kind. And I had no idea anyone was even LOOKING at my Kdrama page! Yes, I have quite the list of what i want to watch but usually all the new ones are ending up on there and I have yet to catch up on all the (popular) old ones! Here's hoping for a nice boring summer so I can do just that! I think I might have to bumped Pinocchio higher on the list!



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