Friday, December 4, 2015

The Walking Dead S6E8: Start to Finish (Spoilers!)

I can't believe it's time for us to have to wait for more episodes again! Didn't it just start?

The episode starts with the walkers all coming through the wall. Tons and tons of 'em. Deanna tries to be a hero helping Rick do, I can't remember what, and ends up getting bitten. They run and meet up with Jessie and Carl and the other kids and Mischone. They make Deanna comfortable and wait for her to die/change.

And so it begins

In the garage, Carl and Ron get into it and have a nice fight which ends up breaching their barrior from the walkers.  The run into the house as the walkers fill the garage. But Rick has busted the door trying to get them when he hears the fight. So now the walkers are coming into the house. They run and make a baracade.

So much is happening all at the same time! The walkers come, Deanna is dying, Sam is losing his mind as he listens to Tiptoe through the Tulips, Carl and Ron! It's crazy!

Meanwhile, in another house, Carol and Morgan are having it out about the wolf guy that Morgan has been hiding away. And Denise finds herself in the middle of that little bit of fun. That all ends when Carol and Morgan knock each other out, the wolf guy steals Denise and oh my word, he's awful! And poor Denise. And Carol is freaking scary and pretty much about kills Morgan.

The Show Down

Glenn looks over the wall and sees Maggie trapped on the top of something... walkers surrounding her.

The group in the house decide they have to spread walker guts on themselves and sneak out. So they do, and they leave Deanna there. She gets up and attacks the walkers.
And so it ends...

As the rest of them head out... Sam starts saying "mom, mom, mom" and we don't know why and we don't know why they don't tell him to shut up.

And we don't know why Daryl is not showing up to rescue everyone!

But then we get a sneak preview of what's going to happen the rest of the season and BAM.. NEGAN! Who I would have no idea who that is except his name was thrown around a lot during all the "is Glenn dead" stuff! And everyone says he is WAY WAY worse than the Governor. So there's that to look forward to.

These are the guys that Daryl is facing in our sneak peek

And I can't remember what else happened.  I think that's mostly it. We wondered where some people were... Spencer, Heath, Aaron, etc. But I guess they just didn't get to be part of this episode.

Oh, Eugene and Rosita and Tara are all holed up together, but nothing too exciting happened with them.

What did you think of this mid season finale episode?

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  1. I liked the episode. I thought it was a good mix of action and drama. And, it sets up the next half of the season well. I don't want Negan to come, at least in the way that he does in the comics. (I read about it.) I really am scared.



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