Sunday, December 6, 2015

Currently: Feeling Lovely

Listening: Right this very minute I've got my Spotify Christmas playlist on shuffle, and right now Josh Groban is singing Silent Night. Love. But I have a new music obsession... no, not Kendji. :) But another group called Les Friction. They have one album they did back in 2012 I think. And it's awesome and epic and so cool. The album tells a story, sort of like a rock opera. Here's the opening song that I really really love:

Watching: Trying to get through The 100 season two. Intense stuff, this!  Am very very bummed that Joe (SPOILER) got voted off of Survivor, because DANG, he is fun to watch. Oh, also,  watched three episodes of Poldark for girl's night and we plan to watch more this week. Love.

Everyone always has bloody, dirty faces on The 100. These actors must love it!

Reading: Finished Illuminae last weekend. Love. Started Everything Everything today. Read half so far. Love. I have read many awesome books in a row this past while. And this, I really love.

Writing: Have not done one lick of writing since I finished Nano the day before Thanksgiving. This, I do not love.

Blogging: Getting excited for all the year end traditional posts. Why are these so fun? LOVE!

Eating: I baked so much crap last weekend during the Thanksgiving holiday. Some of it worked, some of it didn't. I love it when it works. Not so much when it doesn't. :)

Crafting: I resurrected some long lost skills and started a super secret project this past week. Excited about it, mostly. Still, I have a dumb voice in the back of my head saying I'm no good at it and why try. I hate that voice. Love the project, hate the voice!

  • Christmas celebrations and preparations seem to be well under way. I wish I had more ideas for people!
  • We had a party last night and I got a new book. Are you surprised?
  • Feedback is slowly rolling in for my first story. It's scary and awesome at the same time. 
  • I went to a book signing at the library yesterday with awesome authors, but hardly anyone was there. What is wrong with people? We are jaded and spoiled in this community I think.
  • I just feel like there's so much to do, to read, to write, to blog, all the time! Here's hoping I can do it all, because that's what one must do, right?


  1. I've been thinking of your WIP as I'm reading Illuminae, Suey - I know yours isn't science fiction, but it's a novel in notes and texts and things. I love love love that format!

    1. Belle: Yes, my 80s story will be much like this, told with documents. But my latest Nano IS a SF in space and when I read this one I was like... OH OH OH, I love that, I should have thought of that! and OH, that's kind of like what I did! LOL!

  2. I love all the yearend posts too. I love reading them and I love doing them! :) Poldark was very fun. I can't wait until I see more!

    1. Jenni: Yay! Both for yearend blogging and Poldark!

  3. Crafting... Go you... I hate crafting, so if you are loving the project then I'm sure it will be great!

    1. Megs: What's with this hate crafting business?

  4. Yay for Poldark! I keep thinking about it! I wanted to go to the library on Saturday but got up late and my MIL canceled on me so I could go and then I completely forgot about.



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