Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Favorite Things of 2015

For the past few years I've done a year end post of things that ended up on my favorites of the year, things not so bookish, since bookish will be the subject of another post. Things not necessarily new, but stuff I've discovered or learned about or found throughout the year. Things that just made my day! Here's a few of those favorite things for this year:

Back in the summer, Spotify rolled out a new program where every week, you get a new list in your side bar of music that Spotify thinks you'll think, based on them music you've been listen to a lot. Each week, the list changes, so if you like something, you have to save into a new playlist. I can't even tell you how much new-to-me music I've discovered and fallen in love with through this new thing! It's called Discover Weekly, and it's the best! (Click the link to log into Spotify and see my list.)

 While I was poking around learning about one of the new pieces of music from Discover Weekly, I happened upon this French dude named Kendji. And now I'm obsessed and he has become my new favorite of the year!

When I got back from my trip this summer, I saw a bunch of buzz about something called Poldark. What is this, I wondered. I looked it up and BAM. I knew I had to find out for myself what it was all about. I watched the terrible quality versions on YouTube, but have since bought my own DVD set and watched them again. Love. (Poldark: A Masterpiece Classic period drama done by the BBC staring Aidan Turner.)

Speaking of TV, another new show I discovered this past year is The 100. It is pretty much as intense and character driven as The Walking Dead, and that's saying a lot.

Once upon a time I had to worry about my phone dying when I was somewhere I could not charge it. That is all changed now since I discovered battery packs! Who knew something so simple could make me so happy!

So, I've know about and used Pixlr, an online photo editor, for years, but it was just this year that I embraced its usage for the making of collages. I even had to dedicate a Pinterest board to save them for future posterity!

This year I realized I have a favorite pen. It's the Pilot G-2 1.0, not the .7, not the .38, but the 1.0! The BOLD point! I love it! All the colors! Though most of the colors only come in .7 sadly.

I went to my first Storymakers writing conference this year...finally. I'd been avoiding it for years for some reason. But I went, I learned, I loved, I'm hooked.

So I learned that there's a music genre called Epic Music. And I learned that I seem to adore this genre. I learned that there is music composed that sounds like soundtrack music but is not soundtrack music. It's epic music. I can't seem to get enough of it! Do you know and love this type of music? If so, send me your suggestions for new music to fall in love with! (A favorite song post will come next week, and much epic music will be on that list!)

When in Italy, you must eat gelato every day. It's part of the experience. It's a given. And we did. And it was most awesome. I have no idea what my favorite flavor is, but if were to choose from the picture below, I'd probably pick menta! :)

If you are interested in taking a look back in time, here are my favorite thing post from the past years:

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What were some of your favorite things of this past year?


  1. Poldark was a great favorite thing. Can't wait for next season! Couldn't get into The 100, though. It was just too cheesy.

  2. Poldark definitely makes my list this year! Thanks for getting me hooked on it! And, I love The 100 (as you know) and I can't wait for next season. Pixlr looks interesting. I'll have to check it out.



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