Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Top Ten Tuesday: Buying the Books of Certain Authors

A fun prompt over at The Broke and the Bookish today. Which authors do I own the most books of? I hate the wording of that sentence, but I'm not sure how to fix it! Anyway, it was fun to look through my library and count. I'm sure there are some authors that should be on this list that I somehow forgot, but here's what I've come up with for now.

John Grisham: 14 (What? I don't even read or talk about this author!)
Wilkie Collins: 11 (Seriously guys, his books are awesome.)
Laura Ingalls Wilder: 11 (Yes, the whole set makes 11 books!)
Brandon Sanderson: 11 (Wow, I guess he's written a lot I've bought them all... nearly.)
L.M. Montgomery: 11 (The Anne set plus a few stragglers.)
Orson Scott Card: 10 (Books from several different series here.)
Shannon Hale: 10 (I think I've pretty much bought all of hers too.)
James Dashner: 9 (And all of his.)
C.S. Lewis: 9 (Narnia plus a couple other random things.)
J.K. Rowling: 9 (I think I've doubled up on some Harrys!)

Honorable Mention:

Jan Karon: 7 (Remember that At Home in Mitford craze?)
Robert Jordan: 7 (Remember that one time I was going to read all of The Wheel of Time?)
Charles Dickens: 7 (I don't have them all... yet!)
Dan Wells: 6 (I have them all!)

Which authors do you buy the most? You should go count! You'll be shocked like me!


  1. I was collecting Dickens books for a while too, not sure if I got past a certain number, although I own three copies of Oliver Twist! Great list, love that your top one you haven't read any books of... lol.

    1. Kristen: I have read a few of those Grishams, but it was so long ago I hardly remember!

  2. I love the Laura Ingalls Wilder books, I inherited my set and it turns out we are related to her by marriage (blood relation to Almanzo). I have one shelf entirely dedicated to the Saddle Club series by Bonnie Bryant - 110 books, another shelf dedicated to Robin D. Owens both Heartmate series & Summonings Series - 20 books and another to Robin Cook - 16 and room for the rest. No wonder I need another whole bookcase!

    1. Ang: 110 books! Wow! And that is so cool about Almanzo! Seriously awesome.

  3. Okay, knowing the amount of books you have and how your shelves look at home, this had to be a hard one to figure out unless you have all of your books on Goodreads. Do you?

    1. Jenni: Most of them are grouped together, and those that aren't I just "know." Nope, I don't have all my books on Goodreads, not even close!

  4. We have few in common! The authors with box sets are lucky!

    1. Kami: Yep, and I almost forgot about them!

  5. I have a bunch of John Grishams on my shelves, too, despite the fact I haven't read one of his books since I was in high school. Stragglers! LOL



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