Sunday, July 27, 2014

Currently: Still Alive

(written Sunday morning-ish)

Listening: to David Arkenstone Celtic Journeys by way of Spotify. Love this CD!

Watching: got started watching Hell on Wheels thanks to my crazy TV watching sister! :) Love the conflicts and time period this is set in. And there's Indians and I'm into Indians right now. Also watched the 5th season trailer for The Walking Dead intense! "You screwed with the wrong people!"

Reading: Finally finally finally picked up Days of Blood and Starlight! Such an awesome and crazy story! I bought Dreams of Gods and Monsters so I can go right into that one this week I hope.

But at the end of this week I'll be reading from my pile of Utah author books. You'll hear much more about that coming up! I can't wait to read from that list too. Reading is awesome.

Writing: However, reading awesome books can also discourage a person from writing. Oh my word, but the writing in Days of Blood and Starlight is amazing. How can I ever have thought I could write? There's just no way. But still, I try. I'm editing/revising the Nano book still, about half way there with what I've got now anyway. I need to add so much more. I'm making a list of major things to fix upon a second time through the thing. I look forward to November with another shot at Nanoing and starting a whole new story.

Blogging: I'm struggling here people! What's happening to blogging? It makes me sad! I do have a fun little blogging thing to announce later this week though. Stay tuned.

Eating: We had a most crazy party here last night complete with all sorts of wonderful BBQ food. It was the final hurrah for our week long Japanese student experience. It was a fun and crazy and a little bit strange week. But we're glad we did it. And eating has been interesting and never have I scrutinized our eating habits so much before as I have this week when I'm sharing them with a student who eats so differently from us!

Crafting: Nothing! As is the norm lately. Though I have huge plans to at least do some scrapbooking and picture projects. Wish me luck.

  • Wrote and delivered my grandma's life sketch (eulogy) last weekend. All went well though I'll never heard the end of the fact that I said that my grandma killed a "peasant" and not "pheasant" !! Yeah. I know.
  • Enjoyed getting to know a really cute girl from Japan. Sent her off to her home in Tokyo this very morning. We got up at 4:15 to take her. So tired now. But plan on a relaxing afternoon doing nothing. Here's to that.
  • Had my own Bloggiesta day after the actual event happened! Gearing up for BIG Bloggiesta in September!
  • Our garden is looking so sick. It makes me sad.
  • It's hot, that's why.
  • Still to look forward to this summer: the Epic Relay race (I'll be volunteering at the finish line), a small camping trip, another family reunion day, Utah book month and a party for that, Timpanogos Storytelling Festival, and Salt Lake Comic Con!

Well, here's hoping someone reads this post and finds it interesting that I'm still alive... despite the sporadic blogging lately. And the sporadic blog reading that we all seem to be suffering from!


  1. Hi Suey! Lol! I read your post! The Hell on Wheels pic caught my eye. I like to watch that show also! It's starting up again next Sunday, correct?

    Looking forward to the next Bloggiesta too!

    1. Candy: I'm just watching the first season on Netflix, so I had no idea it was ready to start up again. I'm not there yet!! And probably won't be in time. Oh, well.

  2. I'm alive too, and I still read your blog :) I'm just a lousy commenter! I could really use a bloggiesta

    1. Melissa: so glad you are still alive and still here and still reading! :) Bloggiesta is in Sept! Join us!

  3. I feel the same way after reading anything by Laini writing sucks. I could never dream of being close to the same realm.



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