Thursday, July 31, 2014

Reading Recap July 2014

We had some amazing sunsets this month!

It's been another awesome reading month! Lots of five star books for me. And books that really have a change of being on the top ten of the year. Cool, eh?

Here's what I read:

Scarlet by Marissa Meyer: In which we not only follow our previous favorite heroine, Cinder, as she escapes from prison, but also meet a new favorite, Scarlet, as she gets Wolf to help her find her missing grandma.

Alias Hook by Lisa Jensen: The story about what happened to Captain Hook, why he is hanging out in Neverland, what's his deal with Peter Pan, and how he tries to get out.

Split Second by Kasie West: The continuing story started in Pivot Point where Addie tries to fix the consequences of her choice made in the first book.

Ezra and Hadassah by Heather Young: A memoir about the author's abusive childhood and how she and her brother find happiness in the end.

The Selection by Kiera Cass: The prince needs to find a wife so 35 girls come to the castle for him to court and choose.

Days of Blood and Starlight by Laini Taylor: The second book about the conflict between the angels and the demons and how Karou and Akiva are right in the middle of it.

Guitar Notes by Mary Amato: A cute story about two music geeks who get together by writing notes to each other and leaving them in the guitar case in the school's practice room.

Favorites of the bunch: Ah, so hard! Probably Days of Blood and Starlight, and Alias Hook and Split Second. But really, I enjoyed them all so much this month!

Plans for August:

  • Utah Book Month! I will be posting a picture list of books I want to read for this celebration tomorrow. There's a huge bunch! I can't wait to jump in!
  • Maybe re-read The World's Strongest Librarian for book club.
  • Sneak in Dreams of Gods and Monsters.
  • Maybe sneak in Attachments which I just bought for my Kindle and won't be able to stay away from.


  1. I just read Pivot Point finally! I liked it a lot! Please tell me Trevor is in the next book!

  2. I sooooooo want to read Alias Hook. I got a sample of the writing and it's lovely.

    1. Andi: It is lovely and I can't wait for you to read it!

  3. I need to read Attachments as well! I loved Alias Hook as well, glad you enjoyed it! Have a great August!

    1. Kristen: I've started Attachments. I couldn't help it...



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