Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Sunday Salon: Much Random Stuff!

Wow, there's a bunch of stuff I want to tell you about today! So I've broken things up into mini categories. Enjoy.

Random Thoughts

** I'm almost done with Buffy season 2! And I'm about ready to start the one I've been waiting for... the one guest starring this dude:            

 But I think I'll be disappointed because I know he will not live up to his acting potential in this small episode of Buffy done YEARS ago when he was just brand new. Sadly.

** Sometimes I really hate reading the reviews on Amazon, you know? The ones that discourage you from buying something you totally wanted... because some die hard fan thinks there's one small thing wrong with something and then you must determine if you are a die hard fan too... or of it won't bother you at all! Argh.

** We discovered a little tidbit about something fun to do locally last night. Did you know that once a month, on the full moon, you can take a moonlight ride on the ski lift at Sundance? Yep! Really fun! Local people, you should try it!

** Song of the week:

** I'm really sad that no one (except two brave souls) wants to give my quote quiz a try. Sheesh, you can't win anything if you DON'T TRY!!!  Whew... I feel better now....

** I was so bummed last night when I had several hours I could have used to read, but instead... I fell asleep. Dang, I hate it when I'm tired!!

Utah Book Month

Did you catch the beginning of our celebrations this week? Here's what happened so far, as best I know:

Mini Challenges: Review a Utah Book |Utah Books in the WildUtah Books Quote Quiz | Pinteresting Utah
Blogger Interviews: Jenni Elyse | Jenny
Author Interviews/Guest Posts: Sara Zarr | Dan Wells | Heather Dixon | Danyelle Leafty

If there's something I missed, let me know. And hopefully you'll all have time to visit some of these links and play with us!

Be sure to click on the main page and click on the side links to see what's coming up this week.

Photoaday August
Day 1: Outside
(of the library!)

Day 2: One

Day 3: Coin

Day 4: Somewhere You Sat

Day 5: Logo

And.. that's I have to say about that.


  1. Now I'm curious what you wanted to buy? Just do it. Who cares what one person thought.

    I like your pictures and am impressed your going to stick with it another month. I'm feeling to overwhelmed. :(

    As for your quiz. I couldn't cone up with even a guess. Maybe you should have the books and quotes so people can match them. Without the titles I just don't know!

    1. Jenny: Just the new Batman soundtrack. Everyone was saying it was mastered terribly. :(

      Thanks for trying the quiz after all... now that I've revised it a bit!

  2. Buffy was a cool series. But one thing that always rankled my last nerve was that hack of an actor who played Angel.

    Too, if you like Zander in that series, there's a crazy funny vampire movie called "Blood On the Highway." It's rife with language and humor...and lots of blood.


    1. Jeremy: What? You don't like Angel? :) I thought he was a bit boring at first, but now that he's gone bad, he's much more interesting!

  3. I want to see the character under the strap on your coin picture so I can read it! I understand what I can see. :D But, I think I'm missing an important number so I can get the full year.

    Also, is that the Prison Break guy in the picture form Buffy? What ep are you on now? I haven't watched anymore. I'm still on 18 or something like that.

    1. Jenni: You can read my coin? Cool, maybe I'll take another picture just for you! And YES, that's the Prison Break guy! Love him! Such a dude! He's in ep. 20 I think.. so I have that one and two more before finishing season 2.

  4. Your posts have such exuberance. :)
    I hopped over from a list of Utah book happenings and had to look for your blog and YEP! It's fun to know where people are from.

    I am participating in PhotoADay this month, too. I was just about to get all my letter writing stuff out for today's prompt...

    1. Care: Hey thanks! :) Where'd you see a list of Utah book happenings? I want to check it out! And I'm loving your photoaday month pics so far! Fun stuff. I feel bad for not continuing with the writing letters thing.. I will pick it up again soon I hope.

  5. Love that M&M picture! Very cute. I'm mostly caught up but still need to find something for "One"--not sure why I'm making it so hard on myself.

    I am SO badly wanting to visit Utah this fall but chances are I probably won't be able to time it for a full moon. Do want to time it for the parade of witches at Gardner Village, though--was so fun last year and sad I missed the actual parade. Did you know there will be TWO full moons this month?!

    1. Trish: I've never heard of the Parade of Witches! I will have to add that to my list of things to do! If you come to Utah, you should come say hi, okay? :)



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