Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Sunday Salon: A Week's Report

So, here's a few things to report on from the past week!

Photoaday August

First some pictures I've taken, both Photoaday ones and others:

Day 6: Writing
(the math kind!)

Bonus Picture: Fire Sun
(smoke in the air makes for awesome sunsets!)

Day 7: 8:00 (am)
(the curtains in the morning)

Day 8: Glasses
(couldn't think what to do)

Bonus Picture: With Melissa from Book Nut!
(she escaped from her family reunion
to talk  with me at the library for an hour, sweet!)

Day 9: Messy
(the laundry room, always messy)

Day 10: Ring
(nothing jumped out, so no picture!)

Day 11: Purple
(as seen at Target)

Day 12: Spoon
(the beginnings of spaghetti sauce
with peppers and onions from the garden)

Utah Book Month

And then, I want to make sure you didn't miss any Utah Book Month stuff this past week, so here's what people posted, at least as far as I know (minus reviews):

Mini Challenges: Utah Title Puzzles | Utah Book Buffet | I Spy the Utah Author
Blogger Interviews: Suey | Krista | Lorren | Debz
Author Interviews: Kathryn Jones | Carol Lynch Williams | Robison Wells | Bree Despain
Other Misc: Utah Book Awards | Did You Know? | Carol Lynch Williams Giveaway

Thanks to everyone who has been participating!

Random Life Happenings 

-- This week we are celebrating our 25th anniversary! Sheesh. Plans are to go experience the Utah Shakespearean Festival for the first time. Can't wait.
-- We are also getting new carpet in the bedroom. Not sure how that works, but all the stuff must be moved out to do it! Including my crazy TBR shelf!
-- Book club this week! Which means somehow I need to fit in an Ender's Game re-read.
-- One week and school starts. There are good things and bad things about this. Two weeks and college starts. There are good things and bad things about this too.
-- My exercise of the week... doing the paper cutter at work, and pulling weeds as tall as me in our garden.
-- I survived the dentist this past week... passed with flying colors!
-- The air outside is still smoky. I can't even tell you how bad I want things to cool down and rain like crazy.
-- I saw Total Recall. It was dark and gritty, and quite intense. Not sure I would recommend though. Have you seen it? What do you say?

Okay, enough of the rambling! Here's to another week!


  1. I like the curtains picture. At first glance it looked like weathered paper. :)

    I'm not sure I'll manage to finish Ender's Game, it's awful!

    Total Recall was OK but the whole, was it real thing at the end was stupid. Len Wiseman should stick to directing the Underworld movies. ;)

    1. Jenny! It's a miracle -- we agree on ENDER'S GAME. I've tried a couple of times to read it and I just cannot make myself get past the halfway point. It IS awful :) Glad someone agrees with me!

    2. So sad you are not liking Ender's Game. :(

  2. Nice Utah Book Month roundup. I want to (at some point) do a huge roundup of ALL of the UBM posts.

  3. Congrats on 25 years and on surviving the dentist. Glad you made it through :)

  4. Happy Anniversary, and congratulations! We are a couple of years behind you.

    Geez, those sound like the weeds I had in my yard recently!

    I saw Total Recall. Thought it looked really cool and I liked the cast but it was a ho-hum film. They didn't explore the more paranoid aspects of Philip K. Dick's story and I think that was a mistake. Seemed more like a straight up action flick and the lack of story was way to obvious.

    1. Carl: Yeah, I think I would have liked it a lot more with more story, that's for sure. Oh, well.

  5. Great pictures! Happy 25th Anniversary!!

  6. Escaped is an understatement (you should have heard us bowling at the WILK. INSANITY). It was great to meet you!



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