Sunday, August 19, 2012

Photoaday August and Other Pictures of the Week

Pictures of the Week:
Day 13: Simple
(my most popular photo so far on Instagram)

Day 14: Arrow
Day 15: Ready
(for new carpet!)

Day 16: Food
(Blackberry jam in process)

Day 17: Faces
(a picture on the wall at a restaurant)

Day 18: Inside
(a Shakespearean  Festival theater)

The material I bought with which to make new curtains,
shown here along side a strip of the new carpet

I love how this cloud picture turned out!

The Shakespearean Festival posters!
We saw The Merry Wives of Windsor and
Scapin. Very fun. And  a lovely way to
celebrate our 25th anniversary!
Utah Book Month Updates

Mini Challenges: Who's That Sidekick? | Elevator Pitches | Scavenger Hunt Part 1
Author Interviews: Stephen Trimble | Becca Wilhite | Julianne Donaldson | Toni Sorenson | Jessica Day George
Blogger Interviews: Shanda | Cindi | Kathy | Kami | Danyelle

And the best thing? The party! This week! Find all the details here... and I hope you are coming! :)

Random Thoughts:

** Well, what a week!
** This next week should be interesting too!
** I'm sick SICK of the smoky sky.
** We bought Hunger Games.
** I can't read fast enough.
** Now that I have new carpet, I want new furniture.
** I'm tired.


  1. Looks like a busy week for you. The faces picture is very strange. We're loving the rain clouds here in Texas after months without more than a few sprinkles.

    1. Ann: Yeah, always busy lately it seems. We go in spurts that way. I wish we could get more rain here!

  2. I love your random thoughts. :) that picture at the restaurant is disturbing. Why would they put that on a wall where you eat?

    1. Jenny: Could you tell I just wasn't feeling it today? :) The restaurant was down in Cedar City, catering to the Shakespeare crowd, this picture is from some tragic play I'm guessing... it was right behind my head!

  3. Busy week! And, with all of that, you hosted book club too. I love your pictures. And I'm sick of the smoky sky too.

    1. Jessica: We felt a few drops of rain a bit ago and everyone danced around like it was a party! I don't think it will help the sky yet though.

  4. Yeah for new carpet!! I am jealous - well except for all the work that getting new carpet means. Congratulations!

    I am so jealous of Utah bloggers. So, in my tribute to all things Utah, I am going to hear Shannon Hale at Changing Hands this week. Yippee!

    Hey, while you're sewing curtains I need some for my living room - extra long 110 inches...are you game?!?!

    I love your look on your week. Make it grand.

    1. Inside: Yeah! It was a lot of work but it's all good now! Send me material, I'll sew your curtains! :) It WILL be a grand week, we have lots of fun things to look forward to. Stay tuned next week for a report!

  5. I enjoy seeing all of your pictures, Suey!



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