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Pride and Prejudice Read Along: Part Four and Five

And my re-read of this book is done! Late, yes, but done! Here's my answers to the discussion questions that Jenni Elyse provided as part of her read along. It's long and I bet no one will really read them, but I had fun in the answering. Thanks for the motivation to read this one again Jenni!

I will post a proper re-review soon!


Jenni found these questions here.

What do Elizabeth and the Gardiners learn about Darcy from Mrs. Reynolds? Does Elizabeth’s attitude toward Darcy change while at Pemberley and after talking with Mrs. Reynolds? What does she think about him now?

They learn that he is so sweet! And practically perfect in every way! And of course Elizabeth starts thinking about him differently. Suddenly, he's a cool dude and very desirable! I love it.

When Elizabeth meets Darcy at the Pemberley estates, she is surprised by his behavior. How has he changed since she saw him last? How does he treat her? Her aunt and uncle? What does Elizabeth think has caused this change in Darcy? And how do Mr. and Mrs. Gardiner look at Darcy?

He acts so different, and I've often wondered exactly what's behind this. I think just that he feels comfortable on the home court, you know? That he truly is shy but at home he's not so much. Besides, he does feel a need to impress her. But yes, he is quite nice and very sweet to everyone. I love that the Gardiner's are  like, what the heck? This guy is NOT like you said he was!

How does Elizabeth feel about Darcy’s intention of introducing Ms. Darcy? Describe Elizabeth’s meeting with Miss Darcy. Is Miss Darcy as proud as Wickham had described her? When Elizabeth meets Mr. Bingley, she detects some hints that he may still be thinking of Jane. What are those hints? Describe Elizabeth’s meeting with Miss Bingley.

Mr. Darcy's sister is sweet and nice too, of course, and nothing like she had imagined. Their first meeting is quite cordial and I think that they think they could become fast friends. Mr. Bingley's hints are funny. "How is your family? And your sisters are well? ALL of them?" Miss Bingley is as obnoxious as ever. Ugh.

In chapter 45, Elizabeth receives two surprising letters from Jane. What shocking news about Lydia does Jane communicate? At this point, how does she think this news about Lydia will influence her relationship with Darcy? What do the Gardiners and Elizabeth decide to do in response to the letter?

Well, of course Lydia has run off with the scoundrel of the story. Elizabeth is sure that this will be last she hears from Mr. Darcy, because it's so scandalous that he will never ever want to deal with her or her family again. It's all very tragic. So they go off to get Elizabeth back home to the drama and Darcy goes off to... who knows what! :)

In chapter 49 Mr. Bennet receives a letter from his brother-in-law, Mr. Gardner informing the Bennets how everything is settled for Lydia to be married to Wickham. What is required of Mr. Bennet? Why does Mr. Bennet think so little has been asked of him? Who does he think has financially assisted in this matter?

He thinks is brother in law has handled it all, and he is baffled. He only has to give her a small amount a year (a tradition that is so weird to me!) and he feels grateful but he just doesn't get it. I think he is scared to question too far though, for fear it's all too good to be true.


Jenni found these questions here.

When Lydia describes her wedding day, she mentions, much to Elizabeth’s surprise, that Mr. Darcy was at the wedding. After Elizabeth asks her aunt about the reasons for Mr. Darcy’s presence at the wedding and his involvement with Lydia and Wickham’s wedding arrangement, her aunt sends a long, detailed letter. What information does this letter contain? How did Darcy help to facilitate the wedding? Mrs. Gardiner offers several explanations for why Darcy helped. What are her explanations? How does Elizabeth respond to this letter? How does this influence her views of Darcy?

Well, so Darcy had a clue where Lydia would be, so he went and found her, paid the money and made them get married. I quite wish that we saw better how all this happened instead of hearing it second hand. I think it would make us all like Mr. Darcy even better! The aunt figured he did all this for Elizabeth, no question. But Elizabeth isn't so sure. She wouldn't mind if it was, but she's not so sure. Anyway, of course it makes her like him more, even though she is embarrassed about the whole crazy thing!

A week after Jane and Bingley’s engagement, Lady Catherine stops at Longbourn. What is her reason for visiting? How would you describe her manners and behavior? What does she talk to Elizabeth about? How does Elizabeth respond to Lady Catherine’s questions and demands?

Ah, this is one of the classic scenes for sure! I love love love how Elizabeth tells her off! And how dare she come and say what Elizabeth can or can't do! I guess she feels entitled, but still. It's a great scene and shows the spunk that Lizzy is made of.

After Lady Catherine talks to Elizabeth, Lady Catherine goes to London and meets with Darcy. What does she tell him? How does he respond to this news from his aunt? When he returns to Longbourn, he has a long walk and conversation with Elizabeth. What do they talk about? What do they decide to do? How have they both changed since he first proposed to her?

The long walk. It's perfect, no? Mr. Darcy realizes when his aunt reports to him the goings on, that Elizabeth might possible maybe perhaps be okay with liking him after all! So funny that Lady Catherine has no idea that it's really her that makes it all happen. The changes in both Darcy and Elizabeth are fun to see during this talk and walk.

In the dialogue between Elizabeth and Darcy, how does Elizabeth explain the reason for his attraction to her? After the account of Darcy’s self-improvement, what do you think about their marriage? Is Elizabeth lucky to marry such a rich man? Does she deserve it?

Elizabeth figures that Darcy was blown away by someone who didn't simper and flirt and bow down to him. Perhaps this did make him sit up and take notice, but I think he loved her wit. Elizabeth is lucky, but so is Darcy. They both deserve each other and I think their marriage will/is/has been a happy one!

After Jane’s marriage to Bingley and Elizabeth’s to Darcy, the Bennet family experiences some changes. How does Kitty benefit from the marriages? How does Mr. Bennet respond? Mrs. Bennet? Lydia and Wickham? Mary?

I think they all benefit from these marriages! They are all lucky, except perhaps Lydia who doesn't seem to understand a thing about life and will go on forever being an idiot! :) 


  1. "He only has to give her a small amount a year (a tradition that is so weird to me!) and he feels grateful but he just doesn't get it."

    That tradition is weird to me too. I was kind of shocked when I read that. But, I guess inheritance was done way differently back then. So weird.

    I'm glad you finished and that you enjoyed rereading it. I sure did enjoy it! :D

  2. I'm glad you got to re-read and enjoy this one. I ought to re-read it someday...and about a billion other books. ;)



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