Monday, March 19, 2012

Movie Review: John Carter

Movie: John Carter
Genre: Science Fiction
Starring: Taylor Kitsch, Lynn Collins
Rating: PG-13
MY Rating: Thumbs Up!

So, I saw a gazillion previews for this at the theater when I was seeing other movies. I wanted to WANT to go so bad, I mean Tim Riggins? Hello! But it looked so corny and weird and I just didn't know. But then when it came out, so many of you raved about it, so I decided I would give it a chance.

We went to see it at the IMAX theater in 3D of course. And I thought it was so much fun! I love that place! I love how the sound and music vibrate you to your very bones! All the previews (The Hobbit, the new Batman movie, The Hunger Games... gave me chills. I want to see them ALL there!)

Taylor as Tim
Okay, so speaking of Tim Riggins (of Friday Night Lights fame if you have no idea what I'm talking about, one of my TV obsessions of recent years) I was worried I would think of him only as that character throughout the movie. I hoped he would be good enough to make me forget that dude, know what I mean? And he did, for the most part. It took a little while though! Poor Taylor, he'll always be Tim Riggins!

So, there's this dude named John Carter. He's a captain in the Civil War and he seems to have a chip on his shoulder. He's angry at the world. (We learn why later.) And when they try to arrest him for, I don't know what, he runs away. In the process, he finds this cave, and then this weird thing happens and bam, he finds himself on MARS!
Taylor as John Carter

Once there he makes friends with these strange creatures which to me were a cross between Jar Jar Binks and the Avatar dudes. Then he meets a Martian Princess, and he helps her fight her war and save her from the bad guy. And they take a ride down Lake Powell! On Mars! Who knew Lake Powell was on Mars!? (Oh my, this was SO Lake Powell! Yeah, I've been there, I know!) Only they called it the River Is.

This movie had a lot of Star Wars type characteristics, but it's kind of cool to remember that the book it's based from was written years and years before Star Wars. I bet a lot of current day science fiction is inspired by this guy (Edgar Rice Burroughs) stuff. It's very cool. I should read a book of his some day, yes?

Anyway, I thought the movie was very fun, very Scifi/Fantasy, very predictable, but really, a lot of fun. It's also one of those movies that I think would be even better on a second go around because there was a lot of stuff that was hard to follow, or understand what they were saying. So I think another time through would clear that all up.

Bottom line: I totally enjoyed it!

The trailer:

Some music from the movie (because you know I love soundtracks!)


  1. Well, I want to see this one, though I can't promise I won't make fun of it, ;) so you could go see it with me??? Anywho, I have the book on my TBR list. I wonder if I'll ever get to it.

    1. Yes, I think I would see it again actually. You need a movie buddy for it still?

  2. Good to know! We've been debating about seeing it, so I'm glad you know that it's fun. I'll have to go see it then. :)

    1. Jenilyn: Just don't expect it to be anything other than what it is... a fun science fiction story!

  3. I thought this looked corny, too. I have been seeing lots of positive reviews, though.

  4. Good review. Kitsch could have definitely been a little bit more charismatic but the flick still works due to amazing special effects and some really fun and exciting action. Sad thing is that this flick was made for $250 million and won’t make any of it back. Not a must-see by any means but still a good one to check out for the fun of it.

  5. I haven't seen this movie but my husband and I have started saying "John Carter. We need John Carter." when we have a silly problem. You give a fun review!



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