Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Sunday Salon: On With Summer!

Welcome to another "musings" Sunday Salon post. Here's what I'm thinking this morning:

Outside my window: Sunny and beautiful! NOT hot, NOT humid! Dry and clear and breezy!

I am listening to: Someone is blasting something in the other room. Whatever it is, I don't like it much. A minute ago they were listening to Charlie though, and I could listen to him for quite awhile before getting sick of him!

I am watching: Ah! Let's get caught up on some mini movie reviews, shall we? While on the trip I watched The Adjustment Bureau. It was interesting, but not near as intense as I'd expected. Last night watched Just Go With It, which I admit, and some funny laugh out loud moments, but still, those Adam Sandler movies have just too much potty/sex humor to really make me say "it was funny." The night before we watched Beastly, which was okay. Very sappy, rolling of the eyes sappy, but still I enjoyed it. Neal Patrick Harris was awesome in it and he needed more scenes. Also, last night, we started watching Falling Skies, so I hope to have time today to finish that and get caught up with that series. I'm also catching up with Friday Night Lights, a series that almost never fails to leave me weepy by the end of the show. What's up with that? Still pondering Netflix.... I'm this close to doing it.

I am thinking: that the rest of this summer may drag a bit after our adventure. Still it blows me away that it's half over already. I need to find some fun things for everyone to do I suppose.

I am grateful for: dry heat!

I am reading: So yesterday I was swept up into The Gargoyle and read it non stop until I finished it. Wow, I have no idea how to describe that book! But hopefully I can figure it out for a review. This morning I've read several chapters in A Crown of Swords, which means I plan to concentrate on that one this week and get it done soon too.

I am photographing: We have hundreds of trip pictures to organize now. I need to figure out which ones to print, and then also maybe make a slideshow of some of them to share. Same goes for the movies I took. I hate just taking them then not doing anything with them, know what I mean? What a waste. But it's such a project too.

I am listing: Things to do with ourselves the rest of the summer! Things to make for dinner! Top Ten things for posts!

I am creating: Movies hopefully!

On my iPod: Ugh! We listened to my "favorites" playlist so many times while driving! It made me realize all the music we have around here that I have yet to add to my iPod. Another project to do. So much classic rock that we have that I need to put on there. And musicals. And soundtracks.

To live my faith: I think perhaps I'll go to church today! It feels like forever, even though we've only missed two weeks of church. (One week we went, but it was in Ohio, and in Spanish!)

I am hoping and praying: that the kids find jobs and will be occupied for the rest of the summer.

Around the house: messy. Very very messy. I think maybe I should vacuum one of these days.

From the kitchen: So I bought a cute little cookbook in New Orleans and now I want to try some stuff from it. The girls already made some yummy cookies, so that's a start! But today, we are grilling steaks, so here's hoping those end up good.

One of my favorite things: Prison Break. Yes, we've hooked my newly returned older son on these and so he's been watching as much as he can and we watch with him now and then. And it's still one of my favorite things for sure.

The children this week:Did I tell you how great they were on the trip? Hardly any problems at all. This week I suppose they'll try to get back into a little routine, need to get lessons started up again, and have them set some summer goals.

Plans for the week: No plans. Nothing at all. Read maybe. And vacuum!

On this date: Last year I shared some of my favorite biographies, the year before I reviewed an awesome American Idol concert (the Kris and Adam year), the year before that I did a post on favorite literary couples (which needs fixing as I can see half my pictures don't show up anymore), and the year before THAT I listed what the kids were reading, which is really quite fun to look back on now four years later.

Thanks to Ibeeeg of Polishing Mud Balls for the inspiration for this post's layout.


  1. My daughter and I watched "Beastly" last weekend. It was sappy but I did like that they did a fairly good job of retaining the Beauty and the Beast storyline. Neil Patrick Harris was great, indeed!

  2. I am so jealous right now because it is horribly hot AND humid in my neck of the woods!! But, moving on ... I have been wanting to see Beastly. I didn't realize that Neal Patrick Harris was in it and it makes me want to see it even more. I've always been a fan of his! I've also been wanting to read Gargoyle and now want to even more!! Can't wait to read your full review!

  3. Wasn't Beastly "great"? I was embarrassed for the actors the whole time. But I agree with you about Neal Patrick Harris.
    I'm glad someone I know is watching Falling Skies. Yay, now I can talk about it with someone!

    Yay, dry heat. After a few days of summer in DC I was so glad to come home to the desert!

    Can't wait for your review of The Gargoyle.

    Well, I'll look at your pictures and watch your videos. So that's one reason to work on them. ;)

    I'm glad you're back, I've missed your posts.

  4. I am not hearing good things about Beastly... I haven't read the book so I am not entirely sure what was expected from the movie, though.

    It is ALWAYS humid here. I really should be nice and mow the lawn... but, nah!

    I LOVED The Gargoyle!!! Look forward to your review. I really need to reread that sometime...

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  5. I want dry heat. We are HOT and HUMID right now, complete with heat advisories and smog alerts - everything I hate about summer when I am not sitting on a beach.

    Enjoy your steaks and your book!

  6. I've been wanting to see Just Go With It and Beastly! New follower!

    Books Ahoy

  7. Lisa: I agree about the story line in Beastly. It was fun to wee the parallels.

    Tif: If you love NPH, you'll love Beastly!

    Jenny: I think it would have been better without Vannessa whatshername. Watched three episodes of Falling Skies tonight! Totally hooked!

    Kailana: I enjoyed the book Beastly. The movie just made it too sappy I think. I hope I can do a decent review of The Gargoyle!

    Michelle: The steaks were awesome! :0

    Books Ahoy: Thanks for the follow!



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