Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Sunday Salon: And So It Goes

Are you still enjoying this layout for a Sunday post? I have fun doing it, but I still wonder if it's fun to read, or very boring. You'd let me know if it's boring, right? :)

Outside my window: Just now getting dark on a Saturday night. It's been another lazy Saturday for me. I read a lot, and baked a lot.

I am listening to:  Josh... specifically the song "Straight to You" in honor of the fact that four weeks from this very right now I'll be in the middle of what I know will be a fabulous concert. Can't wait! Ah, please let my seats be good!

I am watching: So we got Netflix the day before the big price raise scandal! Can you even believe it? But I didn't get the DVD bit anyway, so whatever. Anyway, I've only watched one episode of Dr. Who... but other family members have been watching all kinds of things. And no, I haven't seen Harry Potter yet. Maybe this coming week.

I am thinking: Does school really start in just over a month? That is insane! I'll have two kids in two different, rival colleges, and two kids in the same 7th-12th grade charter school. It's going to be so different.

I am grateful for: the girls that took care of our grandma cat for three weeks while we were gone and that she was alive and well and still here to greet us when we came home, even though she drives me crazy.

I am reading: Finished The Forgotten Locket this week, read much (now half way done) in A Crown of Swords, read three pages in Middlemarch, and read on my PC version of the Kindle The Book Blogger's Cookbook! Review to come this week. (Oh, and I started What Happened to Goodbye by Sarah Dessen.... shhhhh don't tell anyone... I'm sneaking this one in!)

Another trip picture.
I am photographing: Hmmmmm.... nothing new but still pondering what to do with all my trip pictures. What fun thing I can do with them.... I need to print some for sure. But I want to figure out what new software to get for editing my HD movies.... not an easy thing to figure out.

I am listing: Bookwords! Remember those? Stay tuned and you'll see why soon.

I am creating: scrapbooks! We need to put together scout stuff for the son who just got his Eagle, to show at his Court of Honor. And then Toto needs to start making her 4H portfolio! Trying to figure that out too. It's complicated and makes my head spin.

To live my faith:  I WILL stay positive. I will. Why is this so hard?

I am hoping and praying: That my oldest son finds a good cheap car to buy, and a good decent place to live once school starts, with good nice roommates.

Around the house: Remember last week when I mentioned my big goal was to vacuum this week? Well, so the vacuum gave me fits again, like it always does. And it's a brand new one even. So I changed the belt, which took me an hour and didn't look like it needed changing anyway, and once that was done, it still smelled like something was burning. So, I put it in the closet and gave up. I will deal will it another day, Scarlet O'hara style. I really hate vacuums.

From the kitchen: ZUCCHINI! Yes people... it's time. I made fried and bread. Up next... soup. I also made two chocolate things from The Book Blogger's Cookbook, which you'll see this week in the review. Gosh, lots of teasers today!

One of my favorite things: breakfast for dinner! I think I said that once already. I'm saying it again.

The children this week: Well, one kid got a job! So that's good. The rest walk around wondering what to do. They don't like my suggestions.

Plans for the week: Harry Potter I hope. And keep reading, because I have lots of fat books that need attention. Then more scrapbook work. And that's about all I'm concerned about for this week.

On this date: It was this week last year that I got sick of reading supernatural stuff... remember that? The year before I wondered about reading being a luxury or a necessity. That was quite a fun discussion. In 2008 I reviewed my first Janette Rallison book... ah that was fun too. And in 2007 there was much Harry Potter excitement, just like there is this year!

And so it goes.....

Thanks to Ibeeeg of Polishing Mud Balls for the inspiration for this post's layout.


  1. Love your post. I haven't watched much of Netflix online because it seems to freeze up in the middle of the movie. I thought I would continue with just the DVDs but after looking at our public library catalog I may just get my movies from there. (I've discontinued my cable as the bill changes month to month and it went up $45 last month - enough is enough).

  2. And . . . If you like cozy mysteries. I have three books on sale for 99c this month on Kindle.

  3. My daughter goes back to school in just under month--they will soon be going back the first of August at this rate! Luckily mine will all be out of school by then so I won't have to listen to them whine! Since digital cameras arrived, I have already printed off any pics and scrapebooks have become a thing of the past. I need to figure out a way to print the pics directly to the scrapebook pages and then work from that.

  4. Just realized that I misspelled "scrapbook" not once, but twice! Off to a bad start for the week!

  5. My vacuum has the SAME problem. There is nothing wrong with the belt, it is a newish vacuum, and it smells like it is burning... If you figure something out, feel free to share! I just limit vacuuming to about once a week for the few area rugs we have and use a Swiffer Vac for everything else.... I don't want to buy a new vacuum... I hate vacuuming as it is!

  6. I'm no fan of most household chores, but I find vacuuming to be particularly loathesome. You have my sympathies!

  7. No, don't stop these posts. I enjoy them.

    I'm glad the kitty made it. Mine survived too.

    Staying positive is hard for me too! I don't know why, but it is.

    Vacuums are so annoying! That's my favorite thing about Gone with the Wind. It's a great motto.

    Oh, man! I want Zucchini bread. That sounds soooo good.

  8. Don't stop your Sunday posts, they are pretty much the only ones I read, cause they don't have to do with books.

  9. My vacuum gives me fits but for different reasons; I simply cannot get the bag to stay hooked up properly...most of the time I unzip the outer bag to find the inner, paper bag has come detached and all the dust, dirt, etc..comes flying out at me..AGH...
    Next time, a bagless vacuum for me...the funny thing is vacuuming is the one household chore that I actually enjoy, lol.

  10. I love this format, and I keep meaning to do it myself. Maybe today! Even if no one reads mine, I still want to do it because I don't record anywhere else what's going on in my life. Except for maybe FB. But I do read yours and enjoy it. A lot of the time, our lives seem very similar!

  11. Ann: Hmmm.... maybe I'll check those out! :)

    Lisa: I didn't even notice!

    Kailana: Yeah, if YOU figure it out, let me know too! Gah. Stupid things.

    Megan: Yeah, me too.

    Jenny: We had to make more, zucchini bread that is!

    Jed: Wait, what? You don't read my book post? :) Hey, I post about music sometimes. How about those?

    TheBookGirl: My daughter started vacuuming the other day during my stress, not realizing I had the whole thing apart and the front wasn't on, and there was no bag in it! That was pretty funny!

    Shelley: Yes, it's quite fun to do this, you really should try it. Interesting how similar some of our lives are, huh?



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