Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Sunday Salon: Nothing New

Nothing much new this week. Oh, there's a new (old) car for one kid, but other than that, not much else is new.

Outside my window: Dark and breezy (yes it's Saturday night again...have you started to figure out my routine yet?) You know, there's a breeze nearly every night here. I love it.

I am listening to: The above mentioned breeze, peppered with a firework now and then. Yes, it's a state holiday this weekend and those fireworks (illegal and otherwise) continue to go off and on every evening.

I am watching: We just finished watching Source Code, which was much better than I expected and had that mind bending ending which I so enjoy. Other things I've been watching: Harry Potter 7.2, Falling Skies, the finale of Friday Night Lights which was whoa so good, a couple of Dr. Who episodes and..... perhaps that's about it....

I am thinking: that next year I may try to have book club during the summer and see what happens.

I am grateful for: book stores and I wish they'd stop going out of business.

I am reading: Middlemarch! It's for book club in September. It will probably take me that long to read it. But I wanted to get it done in time to watch the movie at the end of August instead. What I REALLY want is to get it done before The Way of Kings buddy read starts up soon! And I finished The Crown of Swords. I really enjoyed it! On with the Wheel of Time! It shall keep turning! On and on and on and on it goes....

I am photographing: Nothing this week sadly. It would be fun to be able to go out and take a picture of something cool every day, wouldn't it.

I am creating: mini movies from our trip to put on YouTube. Well, at least I've started with that project.

I am hoping and praying: that all the weird news stories from terrorists attacks, to drowning scouts and missing persons, to heat waves that kill people.... just stop. Please. Make. It. Stop.

Around the house: Did I tell you I switched up wash day? Yes, I'm trying out Wednesdays instead of Mondays. This may turn the world on its head, but we'll see how it goes. So far, so good.

From the kitchen: Guacamole. That's because I bought one of those bags of avocados from Costco, and boy are they ever good!

Some of my favorite things this week: Snape. Live John Green shows on YouTube. Chocolate muffins. A girls' night out.

The children this week: One went on a scout camp and survived. The other one started a new job and survived. That was the boys. The girls just did their same old same old, and are pretty bored to death. I've noticed that the girls are content to be at home, and the boys are not and want to be anywhere but. What does this say? This is a taste of things to come, right? Ugh. I think boys should want to be at home sometimes too, really. I just don't get it.

Plans for the week: Wow, last week of July? Hmmm... I think there's a reunion this week, I may check that out on Friday. I want to see Super 8 before it leaves the theater, so maybe I'll fit that in. Lots of Middlemarch reading is on the line up. No work on Monday, so that will be a playish sort of day, but that means there'll be lots to do on Tuesday. Maybe we'll grill hamburgers one day. I should weed the garden and pick some stuff out there.

That's all I've got this week.

Thanks to Ibeeeg of Polishing Mud Balls for the inspiration for this post's layout.


  1. I am hoping that you will be able to join in for Way of Kings!

  2. I enjoyed reading your post...I like the way you offered segments, with snippets of your life.

    I wish bookstores would quit going out of business, too. The Borders in our neighborhood is closing, after a brief reprieve months ago when they thought they might make it.


  3. Thank goodness for breezes in the summer.

    Stupid fireworks! >:(

    I'm going to have to watch The Source Code. Can't wait for Falling Skies tonight!

    I'm all for continuing book club through the summer! I miss it!!! :'(

    I'm almost done with Middlemarch just over 200 pages to go. That may seem like a lot but...well, you know.

    I should come steal some guacamole from you. ;)

    You really should squeeze Super 8 in, it's great!

    Have a great week!

  4. That is funny about wash day! I hope you all survive. I still need to start Middlemarch.

  5. I want to see super 8 too... I'll be in town for a week ;) before Lake Powell...



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