Monday, July 18, 2011

Review: The Forgotten Locket by Lisa Mangum

Book: The Forgotten Locket by Lisa Mangum
Genre: YA Fantasy
Rating: B+
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From: sent by publisher (Shadow Mountain)

This book marks the end of the trilogy which started with The Hourglass Door (when Abby and Dante meet), continues with The Golden Spiral (when Zo makes a mess of everything) and now finishes where that mess needs to be fixed!

For those that haven't read this trilogy, it's about a couple of brothers and their "friends" who get sent through a time machine from daVinci's Italy and end up here in the modern world. I won't go into the circumstances of why they were sent through, but let's just say it's not for fun. Then Dante, one of the brothers, meets Abby here in this time and they connect. Soon Abby is mixed up in all their drama and before she knows it her whole life and the very existence of her family is in jeopardy.

In this concluding book, Abby finds herself through the time machine and back in Italy during Dante's time. Zo is still causing all sorts of havoc and in fact has managed to mess with the river of time to the point of imminent destruction. Between the two of them, Abby and Dante must figure out how to stop him and fix time itself.

I enjoyed this book simply for the trip back in time. It was fun to meet Dante's family and to get to know his brother Orlando a bit better, though I think I had forgotten some of the circumstances behind his story and was wishing for a refresher!

But once again, as with the second book, the bits that took place on the bank of the river of time had me confused. I have a hard time visualizing this river and what's going on and how the characters fit into the action. Maybe I'm just especially dim,  I don't know.

Speaking of action, there's a lot of it! Much page turning craziness going on! It was all very exciting at times. I also enjoy the relationship between Dante and Abby and there's a lot of that fun romantic mushiness going a lot too.

Bottom line: I enjoyed this book and it's trilogy, though I wouldn't consider it one of my favorites. The first book remains my favorite of the three.

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  1. I still have the second book only shelf to read. I did enjoy the first book and would like to see the series through.

  2. Well, as you know, I wasn't overly fond of the first one so I don't think I'll ever finish the series. And that river thing was confusing, so don't feel bad.

  3. I haven't even heard of this trilogy before. The idea sounds interesting, but I am not sure if it is appealing enough to lead to me picking it up...



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