Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Reader Survey Results

Last week I threw out a bunch of questions to you my readers. It's been so fun to see your responses. I thought I'd share some of them here with you all, in case you are interested.

I had 34 total responses. Thanks so much to everyone who played along! You guys are great! So out of these 34:

--59% have been reading my blog for about a year or so, and 24% just started in the last month. 

--56% check in here a couple of times a week, 22% drop by every day! Cool!

--85% enjoy reviews here the best, Random Ramblings is everyone's next favorite at 42%, and discussion type posts come in third at 36% (I love those too!)

--It's a tie for least favorite thing at 24% for both non-book talk and weekly memes. Interesting!

--91% of you (31 out of 34 of you all) have been influenced to read something I've reviewed. Wow, for some reason I didn't expect this one to be that high. Sheesh, I hope you liked whatever it was!

--Regarding commenting habits, 53% said they commented sometimes.

--This next question I wanted to asked because we all look at our subscriber numbers and follower numbers, right? But I wondered if these numbers overlap each other, or if people usually do either one or the other. The answer you gave me? 45% of you are just subscribing, 35% do both, and only 16% are just followers. Interesting, don't you think?

--I wanted to find out if people reading my blog end up being those who like the same things I like or not.... and the answer is not too surprising here... 81% said that we like some things the same and some things not. Totally makes sense. Three people said we have very similar taste in books.

--Sometimes I wonder if I'm posting too much (twice a day or more) because sometimes I get on a blogging roll.... but it was 1a 00% answer that it's just right! I guess the times I don't post at all (weekends sometimes) makes up for the twice a day posts! I will officially not worry about this one now.

--Another 100% answer... everyone is female! Wait, what? So does this mean I have no male readers? Hmmmm?? What's up with THAT? Or maybe, they are just too LAZY, those guys, to fill out my poll? Anyway, actually, not at all a surprising result here either.  

--And the age answer was a cute little bell curve... one or two young 'uns, one or two, shall we say, experienced readers, and everyone else falls into the 21 to 50 age range. (36% twentysomethings, 33% thirtysomethings, and 21% fortysomethings) That's pretty much how we'd expect things too, right? 

--And of course, nearly everyone who responded was from the US of A... with those few of you from Canada hanging out here too! I did have one from South Korea and one from Australia...and one from the UK! (you know who you are!! :)

--This next one confirmed to me that I have not very many people in my "real life" reading my blog, except one (waves to Julie), or at least if they are, they didn't feel like participating... surprise surprise! So yeah, 91% of you are fellow book bloggers. 

What do you think? Interesting? Or no? I love crunching numbers like this. So fun. So thanks again for answering some questions for me... and thanks to those of you who left such wonderful positive comments too. Someone even said, "let's do lunch" but I have no idea who it was since the whole thing was quite anonymous! 

Anyway, you can bet that I'll be posting another survey of sorts again sometime down the road. Hopefully, there'll be a handful of you still willing to humor me and my love of this kind of thing!


  1. Very interesting! I'm thinking of doing a similar poll over at my place. My curiosity is piqued now. :D

  2. I missed it too!:( Hopefully I will see it next time!:)

  3. Okay. I know where the "more details" button is now and you have 279 subscribers - which is FREAKIN' AWESOME - plus some followers who don't subscribe and only 34 took the pole!!! That is less than 12%!!

    Do people subscribe and don't actually read? Does the poll work in the reader or did they have to click over? What the laziness???!!!

    I'm all annoyed. But I'll forget it in a few moments cuz I have to feed the monsters - they chewed through the straps. 12%. grumble grumble.

  4. Those that missed this can STILL take the survey... I will still be checking results now and then and would love to see what you have to say! (I'll edit this post to include a link, which I meant to do in the first place.)

    and Julie... LOL! I know, but seriously I thought 34 responses was pretty good! :) And yes, this poll CAN be done right in Google Reader, they don't have to click over... and I think yes, lots of people subscribe and don't keep reading... or only read now and then.

    Andi: I'll look forward to your survey!

  5. I'm sure I did your survey, but I'm from the UK - I'm very surprised that you don't have more UK followers - or perhaps all our surveys are getting swallowed in cyber space?!

  6. Oh Jackie, I see your UK answer there now! I totally missed it when I was going through it earlier today. (I should have done the country question completely different so the results would have been clearer.) But still... you ARE the only UK one! Where are all my other UK friends? :)

  7. Interesting results. I want to do something similar with my blog, but I'm afraid no one will answer. :)

    Oh, and I just wanted to note that you might know some of your fellow book bloggers in real life!

  8. Those results were fascinating! It must be so great to have them! Thanks for sharing!

  9. Very interesting! I'm thinking of doing something similar in the next year. I really enjoy seeing reader surveys, and I'm curious if other bloggers have found similar results. Thanks for sharing!

  10. I love filling out surveys. I'm in anytime you have another one!

  11. I find it very weird that you don't have any UK readers - perhaps they're all a bit shy?!

  12. Sorry I missed the survey. I'll see if I can get to it soon. Busy, busy week!



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