Friday, February 26, 2010

Suey's Thought Stream

Falling Ice
(I know it's a waterfall, not a stream, but I'm using it anyway.
This one I took in Zion's Canyon in Southern Utah several years ago.)

I've often pondered what it would be like if I just "free wrote" something on this blog or did the stream of consciousness thing which is, you must know, totally different than doing a random post, which is what I did last Friday, so of course I don't want to do yet another one of those so soon, especially since I can't think of anything very random even to post because it's been an awfully boring dumb and all round yucky week, yet there's not really anything of any substance coming to mind either, so that's when I thought about what would happen if I just did the stream of consciousness thing, even if I know it won't really be any less boring, for you at least, but for me it might be kinda fun to try, but at the same time it might be a bit scary to post, so I'll see what comes out and then decide if I dare, and yet, I'm allowing myself to edit just a bit, well okay, a lot! The good thing about this past week is that I had a reading binge and started and finished like three books in three days, but I'll tell you all about that in a different post, I really liked them all too which is, I know, not a newsflash or anything since I pretty much like everything so whatever, but still they were really good. I'm hoping this blah of a week will end tomorrow at the blogger party which is going to be so much fun but scary too because I have to fight the urge to plant myself in a cozy corner and just listen and soak things up but if I want to meet people I can't do that so I guess I'll see which part of me wins the fight, but either way, it's going to be tons of fun. Before that in the morning, we will be attending a violin Suzuki graduation for Toto, meaning a graduation program where they play a song from the book they finished during the year, and then it would be nice if we found time to finally see The Lightning Thief, but I don't know if we can fit it in. It would make sense to go tonight, but why go tonight when we can go tomorrow and pay three dollars less a ticket, and when there's five of us that adds up, right? Did I tell you I chopped my hair? Well, I did and so far I like it pretty good even if my neck does feel a bit naked, I think I'll get used to it pretty fast. Can you have sentences and punctuation in a stream of consciousness blurb? Or can you pretty much do anything you want? Because in my stream, I guess there's punctuation and sentences! I think American Idol was really boring this week and it makes me sad that I don't have a favorite to root for yet, and I'm not sure that will change, but maybe it will I guess you never know. This week has made me wonder why I try or do anything, you know the feeling, why work? why make dinner? why blog? why clean the house? why encourage kids to apply for jobs? why pay for lessons? why read? why exercise! (big one there) why why why, but it will pass yes it will and speaking of passing I can't believe it will be March already this week. That means my baby will turn 11 and we have all sorts of orthodontic appointments set up for her which sort of freaks me out and then later we have the concerts I mentioned last week which seemed so far away when the tickets were bought but are now looming closer and also we have tickets to the play Legally Blonde which will be fun and so there's lots of fun stuff to look forward to, but then it will be spring break and I so want to go somewhere but at this point we have no plans which makes me sad because often we've done big things for spring break so on the years when we don't then I feel all let down and bummed which is a major spoiled rotten way to look at things but that's just how it goes and I'm already dreading the summer because even the one or two things we do have planned for that are conflicting with each other which makes me crazy and I ask why yet again! Maybe I should direct my thought stream more towards books because after all that's what it's all about right? Did I tell you I was going to a blogger party tomorrow! :) And we have to bring a book to swap and I haven't figured that one out yet. The books I love and want to share with people I can't part with, the books I can part with, I don't really like so why bring it to a swap, so maybe I'll go buy a book to swap, which sort of defeats the purpose, but works, right? Which means I should get off the computer and go for a ride, and besides that I still have a book that I've been working on forever, which is finally getting the main focus of my attention and I know that I can finish it tonight too and add even more to my monthly total and that book is calling to me right now, in the voice of Robin Hood, "come read me" which reminds me what other really good Robin Hood books do you know of, because if there's some really great ones out there, I need to read them. And then I need to go back to England and visit Nottingham instead of just drive by it and wave out the window, "Oh, look there's the road to Nottingham!" Whatever. Time, we really need more of it.

... and now I ponder whether I should really post this or not.....


  1. Lol. Enjoying the stream, Suey.

    And to address one of your questions--I do, in fact, know of some good Robin Hood books. You already know about THE OUTLAWS OF SHERWOOD, but LADY OF THE FOREST by Jennifer Roberson is my next favorite retelling. A total comfort read.

    Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow night!

  2. LOL...I love it...please make it a semi-regular feature!

    I just got a haircut too and my head feels light. Naked neck, too. check.

  3. Such a fun post. I wonder if I could do that. I'm not really sure. Maybe I'll give it a try sometime.

    I'm excited for the party tonight, too. I'm also not sure what to do about the book swap. I've thought about buying something too but haven't decided yet.

  4. I'm feeling just like you about the party. I feel much more comfortable sitting quietly and listening. Hopefully I can move out of my corner some!

  5. O.M.G. Breathe!! How was the blogger party!? What book did you bring to swap? Hope it was a blast. (this was a fun post - actually quite a bit to comment on but I've already forgotten what exactly...)



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