Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Announcing a New Bookword!

After voting for the word that describes a book that makes you want to travel to its setting, we have a winner!

A Wanderlust Novel... suggested by Arcona of course, our stalwart faithful bookword game player.... is crowned the new bookword of the week!

But wait, now it's time for new suggestions for another word. This week, in honor of Valentines Day, let's find a word that describes a book you totally fall in love with. A book you want to hug to your chest and cherish forever! I always call this kind of book "one of my all-time favorites" which is obviously kind of a mouthful. So, let's get creative and figure out the perfect word for those books we love.

Comment with suggestions... don't be shy... go for it! :)


  1. How about a "Kindred Spirit Book"? Sortof an Anne of Green Gables thing...

  2. You can never go wrong with Anne.

    a fave rave

  3. LOL @ Jan - I was totally on on Anne wavelength too! My first thought was "Bossom Book" but bossom isn't my favorite word, so I was trying to work in 'kindred' something when I thought I'd check on the first comment. :)

    Other ideas:
    Book Crush
    Heart's Book
    BFF - Book Friend Forever (haha)

  4. I am so glad Wanderlust Novel was chosen!

    I like the Book Crush idea!

  5. I really like BFF.

    Other possibilities: Heart's Delight and Close to the Heart Book

  6. Suey, you need a link on the side (under the bookword thing) that takes you to the CURRENT bookword. It would make it easier to come back and suggest more, or find this week's if you are behind.

    Signature Book

  7. Great idea Julie... now we'll see if I can actually remember to update the link!

    My favorite suggested word so far this go around: BFF. I have no new suggestions to add because you've all come up with some really cool ones already!

  8. How about Bookloved (stress on the last syllable, like beloved)?

  9. Visceral Book - it appeals to me so deeply that there are almost no words to convey my feeling.

    (I really like Bookloved, though...)



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