Saturday, February 27, 2010

Weekly Geeks 2010.7: Comments on Comments

We're talking comments over at Weekly Geeks this week. Interesting, since I've had a sort of a sad comment week this past week. It's pathetic, really, how comments , or the lack thereof, can make or break my day.

Anyway, here are some of the questions, along with my answers.

*Do you reply to all comments? If you do, how do you do it? Email? On the blog? I try to comment on all my comments. But sometimes I'm a little slow. I love the idea of getting a discussion going in comments, so I reply always on the blog itself.

*Do you use moderation? No, haven't had the need really. I do moderate older posts now because I've had a couple weird things come through that way.

*How do you handle trolls? Flaming? Never had trolls or flamers. I think you need to be a popular blog for that stuff! :)

*How much do you tolerate from a belligerent commenter before you close or delete comments? Haven't had this problem either. And hopefully I won't ever have to deal with it.

*Have you ever gotten a comment from someone you admire? An author? A superstar blogger (the ones with the book deals)? I have had a couple of author comments and I LOVE them! And a comment from any blogger makes my day. I actually love comments from newbie bloggers, because then I can get to know them and comment on their blog and make their day.

*How do you feel about author comments? Are they welcome or do they make you nervous? Yes, I love them. They would only make me a little nervous if I did a negative review, but I don't often do that, so I love it when they take time to seek out reviews, find mine , and then actually comment. Very cool.

*Word verification? Yay or nay. NAY. If I started having problems, I'd maybe turn it on, but for now, things are okay.

*And then there's spam. How do we combat the evil that is spam? Delete. I've only had a little, and I just delete and hope for the best. If it suddenly becomes overwhelming, I'd seek out some of the methods people use to catch it.

Comments are fun and I think the thing that keeps us going, just knowing someone out there is reading what we have to say and hopefully enjoying it enough to say something back. And as much as I moan about not getting enough comments, I, in turn, do a terrible job of commenting on other blogs. So, as always, I will vow to do better!


  1. I put all my comments into moderation and respond to all on topic comments. You read more here.

  2. Hello! I actually meant to comment on one of your latest posts but sometimes my internet connection gets slow and then I forget to try again... I will go look for that post now. :)

  3. That was informative -thanks for sharing! It's always good to see how others deal with all of these things!

  4. "It's pathetic, really, how comments , or the lack thereof, can make or break my day." Sing it, sister - I know exactly how you feel! It was a slow comment week on my blog too, and I can't help wondering "Was it something I said?" :-)

    Comments are definitely part of what keeps us bloggers going!

  5. I love comments and spend a few hours a day checking blogs and leaving comments. Since I am new I don't get too many myself, but when I do I always smile and sort of bounce around in my chair. I also hurry over to the the person's blog and thank them.

    I also do several of the weekly events and make sure I visit as many bloggers who are doing the same event. It is the best way I know to network, but I am certainly open for any suggestions to help increase people coming over and leaving a comment on my posts.

  6. I get nervous when I write negative reviews that an author might write something mean.

  7. I love your answers and I join the bandwagon as well to say Ilove comments - and I generally have at least one really good discussion going on somewhere on the net via comment...

    Trolls and spammer are just out to spoil our fun... **sigh**

    Have a great reading week...


  8. I have faced a troll on my poetry blog. I had to moderate it for a while to stop her from visiting me.

    Weekly Geeks: Commenting

  9. What an interesting question and post. I enjoy comments but I don't get many comments so I'd not thought alot about them or what to do to encourage or how to respond.

    Isn't it interesting the blogs that illicit comments, push buttons, or just touch someone else. I am encouraged at how quickly we find similarities to one another and how this big blogoshpere can feel like a little neighborhood with so many friends. I wish it were this easy in real life. Maybe we should walk around with our favorite books, tape lists to our fronts and try it that way for awhile!!

    I have had a few author comments and that's kind of fun, but I enjoy the comments from bloggers all the more. It's just fun to know that there are others out there who are reading too!! Too often I have to read and run, now I'll try to be better about commenting and not just dash off!!

    Have a great reading week!



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