Thursday, February 18, 2010

Review: Golden by Cameron Dokey

Review: Golden by Cameron Dokey
Genre: YA Fantasy
Rating: A
For: F2F Book Club
From: the library

This was another fairy tale book I read for book club this month (today in fact) along with Zel, which I reviewed last week. Golden, is the complete opposite of Zel, at least for me. It's going to be interesting to compare the two at book club today!

In Golden, we have the story of Rapunzel as you've never heard it before. There's quite a twist or two, things I didn't see coming for the most part. The mother/witch makes more sense, and even though she is still a bit selfish, you can actually understand why. Rapunzel herself, I think, can be related to much better, and is tons more feisty. And the "prince" is far from boring.

Many have said this one even brings on the tears. Though I didn't cry at the end, I could see where one would want to.

So if you are in the market for a Rapunzel book, add this one to the list!

Bottom line: I liked it a lot.


  1. I just finished Beauty Sleep by Dokey not too long ago. Pretty well done, I think. I'll be interested in picking this one up.

  2. You know me, I can't pass up a good retelling of anything! :D

    Hadn't heard of this one. Will have to add it to mount TBR.

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