Monday, February 1, 2010

January Reading Recap

It was such a great reading month for me! Pretty much straight A's across the board. Here's what I read:

The Dark Divine by Bree Despain: After a long absence, Daniel returns with quite the secret.

Ethan Frome by Edith Wharton: The tragic love story of the sad Ethan Frome.

Warbreaker by Brandon Sanderson: Two sisters, two kingdoms, 25 Returned gods, and one God King all come together in a colorful, exciting adventure.

North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell: Margaret learns that the North is not so bad after all.

The Wives of Henry Oades by Johanna Moran: Henry takes his family to New Zealand which ends up changing their lives forever.

The Eye of the World by Robert Jordan: Rand and his friends are being pursued by the Darkfriends, and they have no idea why!

Nothing But Ghosts by Beth Kephart: Katie works on solving a local mystery while learning to deal with her mother's death.

My favorites of the month? Oh, how to pick? I'd have to say Warbreaker and The Wives of Henry Oades, followed closely by The Eye of the World.

What was your favorite book of the month?


  1. You did great this month! And of course I'm thrilled that you enjoyed TEOTW so much. I'm also happy the the HENRY OADES book is good - I'm planning to read that later this month.

  2. I have a terrible time picking favorites.... always...

    I've got to get my hands on The Dark Divine....

  3. These are fun little one sentence synopses! I don't even try to pick monthly favorites. That definitely makes it easy for me.

  4. Oh, good, I'm so glad you liked The Wives of Henry Oades. I hope to get to that one, this month. It has such a pretty cover.

    I can't decide which book is my favorite! I really liked almost everything I read in January -- with maybe one exception, but it wasn't awful . . . just not wonderful.

  5. Wow! You read a lot of books! I read only 2 in January. My favorite was Unwind by Neal Shusterman. I just loved it!

  6. Wow, you read a lot of great books in January! I hope February is great, too!



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