Saturday, December 12, 2009

Support Your Local Authors Challenge!

Okay, here's the official post for the Support Your Local Authors Challenge, complete with a button and everything!

The idea: Learn who your local authors are, famous and not so famous, and read their books! Then review their books and promote them to us. I'll have a different post for linking to your reviews.

The rules: No rules. Just have fun keeping up with and promoting your local authors! This is an ongoing, perpetual challenge with no time limit. Make a goal for yourself regarding how many books you'd like to read this year, then post about them.

To join:
Sign up by commenting on this post (with a link to your post on your what/who you plan to read) and then I will add your link to the list of participants on this post. (I gave up on the Mr. Linky idea... it messed me up big time.)

To review: Come to this post and add your review in the comments. Then, I will add your review link in the post itself. I hope this makes sense!

Simple and easy, right? And fun too! I hope so anyway.



  1. I will do htis in a year, I dont' do longer challenges.

  2. I'm in...there are a couple of great authors here in Cincinnati and surrounding areas.

    Look forward to promoting my favs.

  3. What a great challenge! I won't "officially" participate because I'm over booked on challenges for 2010 -- but I will try to make an effort and read more local authors.

  4. I completed my first review on My Life as a Rhombus. It can be found here.

  5. Just posted my first review -

  6. I was reading Bibliobabe and saw the link. This is a great idea. I have been keeping a list of local authors and am looking forward to their books. They write in all sorts of genre, so Its going to prove interesting. I'll have to sort out my list and make a post, then I'll be back to let you know.

  7. I'm a little late, but I saw that this is a perpetual challenge, so I decided to join! I'll start linking my reviews to authors from Indiana. :)

  8. I am new to book blogging. I try to read as many of the Utah authors as I can. I have also provide an extensive list of local authors.

  9. Sheri: Whoa! That is quite the list you have! Good luck with reading them all! :)

  10. Here is what i read for 2010

    1. Green, Jane Swapping Lives lives Westport, Ct
    2. Olsen, Karen E The Missing INk lives No. Haven, CT
    3. Proulx, Annie Accordian Crims b Norwich, CT
    4. Rose, M J The Hyponotist lives Greenwich, CT
    5. Konigsburg, E. L.From the Mixed up Files of Mrs. Baail E. Frankweller in Ct and NY

  11. It's taken me a year but I finally read an Arkansas author and it was great!

  12. I'm going to make it a point to do this, Suey!

  13. I've been reading local, but now I know there is a challenge for it! Should I link to my past posts here? ((I see that other commenter are from 2010...I'm such a Johnny-come-lately!))

    This will be good motivation for me to read through my TBR pile which is mostly local authors! Thank, Suey!



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