Sunday, December 13, 2009

Review: The Vampire Diaries Vol 1 and 2 by L.J. Smith

Book: The Vampire Diaries (The Awakening and The Struggle) by L.J. Smith

Genre: YA paranormal

Rating: A-

For: Fun

I wanted to see if the books were like the TV show. My conclusion? They are not. They only that is close to the same is the characters' names. Even their characteristics are different. Except Damon of course. He's as bad in the books as he is the movie. But everyone else is quite different. I mean, for one thing, Elena is blond not dark! What's up with that? And all the stuff that happens is totally different.

One thing that is the same, it's quite violent, and quite creepy. These vampires are not very nice at all.

Oh, a summary if you aren't at all familiar with this story: Elena, our heroine, starts a new school year after having quite the major depression following the death of her parents. She hopes for a new fresh start... but on the first day, she meets Stefan, a new boy in school, who she feels drawn to, against her better judgement, of course.

And then things get very strange from there. People keep dying, and there's a weird crow that keeps hanging out, and her friend's psychic abilities start making more and more sense.

And I better stop there, because right now I'm reading Evermore and I'm suddenly finding that I'm mixing up the stories in my head! You know, I think it's time for a book that has nothing to do with strange, dark, mysterious boys with major secrets to keep.

Anyway, I enjoyed this book, and enjoyed comparing it to the TV show. There's many more sequels, and I'll probably read them sometime... AFTER I give the vampire thing a little rest.

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  1. I tried reading this, but found it was too different from the TV series for me to get into it. I think I'm going to have to wait to try again after the season is over.

    Tara SG



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