Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Bookword Game: The Winner Is.....

Alright! I finally got a tie breaker for the Bookword vote of the week. So the winner for the word describing a book with a bad cover is:

A Mis-covered Book suggested by Arcona!

The next word that needs discovering is: what should we call a book that makes you sleepy. Very.... very.... sleepy....... Every time you read it your eyes just want to close and take a break.

Comment with your suggestions! Thanks for participating.


  1. Um, I'm going to go off the fly here and call it a Dozer. (Yeah, supposed to be a bit like doozy, only not.)

  2. arcona asked me to leave a comment with her suggestions: a yawner.

    She doesn't have a blog, so she can't sign in here. Plus, she's my mom.

  3. Raidergirl: I was hoping you would have a connection to her! :)



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