Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Sunday Salon: Challenges, Challenges, Challenges

Everyone seems to be talking challenges these days. It's making me nervous! So, I thought I'd get it over with and talk challenges too. Posts with my lists for these challenges will come later.

Challenges I finished for 2009:

Dewey's Books Challenge
Support Your Local Library Challenge
YA Books Challenge

Challenges I Made Valiant Effort On:

War Through the Generations: WWII (2 out 5 from my original list... more if I change the list though)

2009 TBR (7 out of 12... working on an alternate right now)

Classics Challenge (3 out of 6 from my original list... more if I change my list!)

Challenges Still in Progress:

Arthurian Challenge
The Printz Project
The Pulitzer Project

Challenges I'm pondering and will probably try in 2010:

2010 TBR Challenge (because this one just makes sense, read what you have)

Rory Gilmore Books Project (because it's such a fun list)

Support Your Local Authors! (because I do this anyway and wanted to make it official)

That's How I Blog Twenty Minute Book Club
(because this is a fun BlogTalk radio show that I want to add to my routine and it would be better if I've read the book!)

ARC Reading Challenge (because my pile is growing)

Take Another Chance Challenge (because this idea is so fun and unique, I have to try it!)

Participate in The Classics Circuit (because this idea also, is just too fun)

And my own personal reading projects (join me if you want!):

Finish War and Peace (going on the third year now... crazy I know)
Read The Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan

Which of my listed challenges will you be participating in? Are there some you'd like to talk me into that I didn't list? Or talk me out of that I did?! :)


  1. The Classics Circuit looks great to me. It is so easy to become occupied by the books of the moments that we forget to read those classics which informed many of the new releases. But it looks like you have a lot more than that in your reading future. Very ambitious! Happy reading!

  2. I wish you luck on reading the Wheel of Time series! I only made it halfway through, and admire anyone who can stick it out- it's just so long.

  3. There's something about a challenge that sends you off in directions you would not have gone. I am still contemplating which challenges I want to take on for 2010.

  4. I love all the challenges your mentioned! I am most excited about the Rory Gilmore Books project, most confident about the Support Your Local Library Challenge, and most ambivalent about joining the Chunkster challenge.

    You have had a great 2009 --- here's to an even better 2010 reading adventure!

  5. Yes, challenges are all the rage right now as the new year approaches. It's fun to share in the excitement of setting new goals, isn't it?

    There are so many that are calling my name. I've resisted so far though!

  6. Frances, I love the idea of trying to fit in more Classics... and doing the Classics Circuit is the perfect way to do it.

    Jeane: I can't wait to try with the Wheel of Time. It's going to be an interesting endeavor!

    Readerbuzz: That's for sure!

    Molly: The Rory one gets me all excited too. I contemplated the Chunkster, but decided to wait for now.

    Literary Feline: You need to join a couple at least, right?

  7. YAY for the Wheel of Time! I hope you can get thru EYE OF THE WORLD by Feb. 9 - then you can count it toward the That's How I Blog challenge AND participate in my show that night - woohoo!

  8. Thanks for the list of challenges you are considering for 2010. I'm still deciding what to sign up for. I got a little over-ambitious with the challenges this year. :)

    I'm still in for the Printz Challenge, though.

  9. Heather J: Yes, I really plan on having it read by then.

    Bluestockings: I hope to read more Printz's too. I ended up not do very many last year after all. Sad.



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