Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Bookword Game: Voting Results!

This last week we voted to choose a word that describes an author that you can always count on for a good read. And the winning word is:


suggested by Megan from Leafing Through Life. Congratulations Megan! Thanks for playing!

Now it's time for a new word.

This week, we need suggestions for a bookword that describes a book that is "unputdownable." What do we call a book that makes you read chapter after chapter long after you decided to quit for the night. In the past, we may have called this a page turner, but it's time for a new word! That one is old and cliche!

Comment with your suggestions here. Don't be shy. Next week be sure to drop by An Adventure in Reading for the voting.


  1. Linwood Barclay is my latest Reliascribe! Well done Megan.

    I'm thinking.

  2. Hmmmm.... I wondering now if people don't want to mess with "page turner." Hmmm....

  3. Midnight mania?

    AM Addiction?

    I put another reminder in "Where are you?" tomorrow.

  4. Ok, I'll play...

    I came up with two: Rivetread and Engageapage

    Hm. Not my best efforts, perhaps.

  5. Addictabook. I know, all my suggestions sound just like this. Ah, well. I still love page turner though.

  6. Here's what I thought of:

    a flipper.

    "Boy, that Maze Runner sure is a flipper!" :)

  7. A Tunnel-vision read

    A Triple-P read (e-mail me, Suey, for explanation)


    Sometimes I find my input simply proves the posters before me are geniuses!

  8. How fun that my word won the last one! That makes it all the more depressing that I can't think of anything creative for this one and go 2 for 2. Some of the other suggestions are great - looking forward to voting! =)

  9. How about Continuum [continue-em?] Sometimes when you start a great book, there is no good place to stop for the night and it just goes on and on and....

  10. None from me this time, but I love several of the suggestions!



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