Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Random Questions

Having a lack of coherent ideas today, I decided to pose some questions:

How can you all figure out so soon what you plan on reading for the readathon? I think perhaps I MIGHT know the day before! At this point, I'm thinking of pulling from my library stash (I renewed them, yey!) and some book fair books that I just bought (or last year's book fair books that I didn't read yet) and maybe a few pages in that very most neglected of neglected books... War and Peace. But I am for sure going to read Wimpy Kid: Dog Days.... then I know that I can at least say I read one book for the readathon!

Speaking of the readathon, how do you manage to stop your life? I won't be able to do that, but will just fit the reading in amongst the things that still need doing. And I will have to sleep. Party pooper I know. But I did tell my kids that I expect them to join me for the reading, and they seem actually fairly excited. So, hopefully that will work. The Mr. will NOT stop his day to read all day long, but hopefully he won't care if the rest of us do, or try. It's going to be an interesting experiment to say the least.

How is that The Mr. can have a birthday today and not want anything? I have a list a mile long of books I want and CDs I want! (Michael Buble's new one, the Joshua Bell one looks wonderful, David Archuletta's new Christmas one, I'd love an Owl City CD too ) Want want want! That's me!

What do you do when you blogging creativity suddenly takes a dive? Write random dumb question posts?

Hey, did you see my guest post at A Written World on Josh Groban? I had to give one more plug here because that thing took me forever to put together, and so really, you must go read.

Hey, did you see that The Bookword Game finally got some words suggested? Yey to those who pulled us out of what could have been the first bookword failure moment! You are the best! Go to An Adventure in Reading today to vote.

Don't you hate it when there's all kinds of author signings and appearances going on around you and you can't go? It's that old, real life thing getting in the way again. I'll be celebrating The Mr.'s birthday this evening, so I guess, Sherman Alexie, I'll just have to catch you next time.

What do you think about having a dude (guy? gentleman?) come to my f2f book group which has heretofore been only ladies? I think it might be kinda fun, but it could throw us for a loop too. The Mr. has dropped in on us several times, and often reads the books, but has never really stayed long, however, now another husband is acting interested. Hmmm..... it must be pondered longer.....

Well, I guess that's enough for one day. I've got to go shopping. And do a gazillion other things, so bye!


  1. Great questions!

    I'm not participating in the readathon as I can't stop my life. I have 2 small boys, so can only read in the evenings. I'm not sure I could read for more than 3 hours in a row without getting tired either.

    I'd have no trouble chosing which books to read either - I have a big pile and know which ones I want to read first.

    Good luck with it!

  2. My readathon pile is basically the books that are due at the library next. I looked at the due dates and cut and pasted.

    As far as escaping real life? Last time wasn't as difficult since I didn't have much going on. This time, with family in town, I may just have some very small goals.

  3. Thanks for reposting about the Josh Groban thing! I missed it before but just read and enjoyed it - and commented too. :)

  4. 1. I figured out my readathon books based on what worked for me last time. I've been planning for awhile...

    2. Let's see - first, it's important to take the boys to a relative's house for the weekend. Last time, it was my mom, this time, it will be Jason's parents. Last time, Jason couldn't stay up for the whole 24 hour thing, because he had to get the boys the next day, but he pampered me and took care of everything around me while I read. This time, we're dropping the kids off earlier and picking them up later, so both of us are going to participate. We're going to have meals pre-prepared to just throw in the oven and that sort of thing. So yes, life does stop in our house for the readathon!

    3. In my F2F book group, there has always been a handful of regular guys who come, which provides a really nice discussion. We discuss books more on an academic level, so that changes things, too. I don't think I'd want to be part of an all-girl group.

  5. Happy Birthday Mr.!

    You are to funny. I love thinking up your own questions to answer.

  6. I think your random question idea is a good one! Sometimes I can't think of a thing to write and even come up with a bunch of random thoughts to make it look like I do have something to say can be hard. I like the question idea though! It encourages discussion. :-)

    I can't stop my life either, although it's really tempted. What I really want to know regarding the read-a-thon is how everyone manages to get any reading done while at the same time participate in all the online activities (challenges, cheerleading, update posting).

    I wish there were all sort of author signings going on in my area. I'm too close to L.A. to make it worth their while and too far away for me to drive out there as often as I might want.

  7. How fun it would be to participate in the read-a-thon. Really! As for having a husband or male participant at a f2f, I don't think it would matter. As long as the gals can all stay comfortable expressing their own reactions to the book and make room for a guy to express his reactions to the book, then there should be more enrichment, right? :)

  8. 1. I haven't even thought about it. Mostly because I haven't decided if I can even participate this time around.

    2. Um, see question 1. Not sure I can stop my life. One thing's for sure, there's way too much going on the 24th.... Maybe I need to go with the 23rd... My kids don't mind being ignored all day. ;)

    3. My husband is impossible this way. I've stopped asking him. I just buy something.

    4. Ocassionally I post saying that I have nothing to say. I like your approach better.

    5 and 6. I totally didn't. I must be out of the loop.

    7. Yes. I can never go to anything. (Actually I wouldn't go to half of them anyway, but it's nice to have the option...)

    8. A man would run and hide after one hour with my book group. Seriously. :D

  9. Farmlane: I don't know if I can either...stop my life OR read for more than 3 hours straight! So, it's going to be interesting. I'll be sure to keep ya'll informed on how successful I am at both questions!

    Melissa: Yes, my goals are small too... read at least Diary of a Wimpy Kid! :)

    Heather J: Thanks for the JG comment. I think I'll go over there in a bit and respond to every one.

    Amanda: Your plan for the readathon sounds like heaven!

    Susan: Thanks! :0

    Literary Feline: EXACTLY! (regarding another readathon question) I've wondered that every year when I've watched from the sidelines. I guess we'll see how I figure that one out too!

    Michelle: Thanks for your input regarding a co-ed book club! I think it would be fun too, but something we'd all have to get used to.

    Britt: You should just try the readathon and see what you can do! LOL regarding you comment on the man running from your book club! My other book club (the one I'm not in charge of) would have that effect on guys I'm thinking.

  10. My readathon pile is a work in progress up till start time.

    How did i stop my life? I told everyone they'd have to go away for that weekend and let me alone and that I wasn't leaving my apartment.

  11. I agree that my pile of books isn't finished until the day before. I can't stop my life, I read a little while my son plays and try to convince my husband to take him for awhile and entertain him in some way =)

    I have a wish list a mile long too....and that's just my books!

    I think a guy in your book club could open some great discussions, he may have a different view point and isn't afraid to disagree and speak his mind.....not saying all girls are, but you know =) I think it would be neat.

  12. I'm considering doing the readathon for the first time but I'm not sure how much I'll be able to do. I still haven't approached dh about it because I'm afraid of the look he'll give me. ;)

    I don't think a guy in our book group would be a good idea. It would completely change the dynamics of our discussions. I think it would be interesting to be in a coed book group but I wouldn't want to change the one I'm in now.



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