Monday, October 5, 2009

TV Talk: Thoughts So Far

Now that the new TV season is in full swing, I may have to spill some TV thoughts a bit here and there. Ah, TV. The ever present time wasting pleasure.

Here's what I'm watching so far this season:

Old Favorites:

Survivor: we are major loyal fans. It's a must to see what the next crazy crowd is going to do. This season, there's an awful Russel that is out to cause much havoc. There's a nice Russel too, and a very cool, but emotional Jaison. One tribe is losing every challenge, and so we aren't learning much about the other tribe because they get less TV time.

Amazing Race: loyal fans to this one too. The teams first went to Japan, then quickly to Vietnam were they are doing some pretty hard roadblocks and detours. I don't have a favorite team yet, but am enjoying the Globetrotter dudes quite a bit.

Heroes: not sure what to think about this one so far this season. Sylar continues to creep us out sufficiently well.... my favorite bad guy of all time. There's new intriguing thing with Peter and a deaf lady that can see sound as color. That's pretty cool. But where is Mohinder? Can someone remind me, did something happen to him at the end of last season? I'm really missing him. And did you know it comes on an hour early than past seasons? Yeah, I learned that last week when I missed the first half hour.

Dancing With The Stars: Never been much of a fan of this one, but this season, I've been finding myself checking in now and then just to see what's happening with my buddy Donny. :)

New experiences:

Glee: still not sure what to think about this one! There sure is a lot of hype surrounding it, so I had to check it out and I'm trying to base my watching decision on what I really think and not the hype, know what I mean? Anyway, it's fun. I love the musical numbers (though it sure looks like obvious lip syncing a lot to me) and the quirky characters, but it is quite irreverent, if that's the right word, and makes me squirm often. It goes without saying that I loved the Josh Groban appearance, though I wish they would have had him sing, like Kristen Chenowith got to do! Anyway, he's so cool to be able to make such fun of himself like he did.

Vampire Diaries: this one makes me jump a lot! Lots of out-of-the-blue creepy moments. There's an interesting contrast between the good and the bad vampires which makes me want to keep watching just to see what happens. I'd really like to read the book first though, and see how the book goes before I see how the show goes. That Damon dude is definitely competing for best bad guy ever, right along with Sylar.

FlashForward: I love the premise of this new show and the drama and the twilight zone feeling. I'm pretty excited about it and look forward to finding out what all the characters learn concerning this strange event that happened to them all.

Anyone know what happened to Friday Night Lights? Did it really get cancelled, or is it just coming on later in the season? I'm so confused. Oh, and Chuck? I'm really missing Chuck too.

The Gilmore Girl marathon continues. We just finished up the 6th season, so we have one season left. I hear it's not nearly as good. I hated how the 6th season ended, so of course we'll have to watch it just to see what they do with all our characters. I'm a little nervous. I so want a happily ever after for them all! (Loved how Jess/Peter/Milo showed up again in this season and told Rory off and set her straight again. He's a great character that Jess.)

A show I'm dying to watch now after here tons of wonderful things about it is the BBC's Robin Hood series. I need to find the past seasons of that one and catch up!

Whew. So, are you watching any of these? What do you think of them so far?


  1. I got bored of Heroes about mid-spring last year when they kept swapping powers. At that point, I said nevermind and quit watching. The only shows I'm watching right now are the two NCIS shows, though the new spinoff doesn't seem to be as good as the old version.

  2. Oh, TV, how I miss you. We gave away our TV before we moved out here. Sniff Sniff. It was a big clunker anyway, so we figured we'd upgrade eventually. I'll get another one when our son is a little older. But, I have started watching Grey's Anatomy again online. I catch up on the weekends while my husband and son go for a walk. (I used to watch A LOT of reality TV. I'd laugh at myself while I watched Amazing Race, because I'd realize that my body was tense, shoulders hunched, hands in fists, just from watching everyone racing around).

  3. I gave up on Heroes. I enjoy Fringe and Lost. FlashForward is pretty good so far. I'm looking forward to V which airs in November. Always love the Gilmore Girls!!

  4. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Robin Hood, but beware...once you hit the end of Season Two, you'll scream and need Season Three immediately! I've been taping Season Three (which is finally broadcasting on BBCA), and am going to watch them in one huge viewing day. Can't wait to watch!

  5. Big fan of Gilmore Girls too, esspecially the earlier seasons. Hey, I'm due for a marathon! And The Amazing Race, last night's episode was a classic, especially that couple who claimed to be tigers while everyone else was a zebra, or gazelle, was it? And they almost came in dead last!! Hahahah. That was a good one.

  6. Watching Survivor and FlashFoward. Both are silly but I'm hooked. Can't wait for Lost to return.

  7. Love Survivor and The Amazing Race - long time fan and never miss them.

    New shows that I've enjoyed are - Modern Family (hilarious!), Cougartown (surprisingly funny) and Community (has potential, the first show was homage to Breakfast Club, so I'll give it quite a bit of leeway)

    Other weekly shows: House and The Office. And I can't wait for Lost to be back.

  8. I'm loving FlashForward! And as you know I totally agree with you about Sylar. Another one I watch is The Mentalist, but I don't want to get you hooked on that one too.

  9. survivor - I can't STAND the bad Russell - he's ruining the show for me. :(

    amazing race - There are a few great couples on there but Lance and Keri need to go away - they're awful to each other!

    dancing w/ the stars - Kiddo and I watch this together (on DVR the next day), but Hubby thinks we're nuts. ~LOL~

    flash forward - I can't remember if you are a Lost fan ... if so, how do the 2 shows compare?

    You covered most of my favorite shows but I also watch CSI Miami, NCIS, and I'm trying the new Stargate Universe show (the jury is still out on that one).

  10. I'm embarrassed to admit that I'm a huge TV junkie. I watch House, NCIS, Castle, Medium, Numbers, and Bones on the network stations and Monk, Psyche, Eureka, Warehouse 13, and Santuary on the cable stations when they're on. I was really enjoying Glee but one of the episodes was pretty uncomfortable and I'm trying to decide what to do about it. I was really enjoying it but it is extremely irreverant. I've purposely tried to stay away from too many other shows because I watch too much as it is. I can't wait for V though. I LOVED the mini-series and tv show that was done in the eighties.

  11. I'm so sad I missed the Glee episode with Kristen Chenoweth! I love her. I only watch a bit of TV and my husband detests Glee so I might have to DVR it. I watch Project Runway and I'll watch Idol maybe. I like Bones but forget when it's on. Food network and sports = always on!

  12. I know what you mean about Glee. I keep watching it, but I can't decide if I like it or not.

  13. Amanda: Heroes hasn't ever been as good as it was that first season. Kinda sad.

    Infant B: I'd say about half of my listed shows I watch online. Isn't that the greatest! And yes, I do get all tense watching Amazing Race.

    Shelley: Never heard of V. May have to look into that one!

    Becky: Oh man! I've got watch that Robin Hood! :)

    Lula: Marathons are a blast.

    Carline: All TV is silly really, but that's what's so fun about it, right?

    Raidergirl: I enjoy The Office now and then, but just for the Pam/Jim thing. And I look forward to more Lost too!

    Jenny: Did you see this last Heroes? We have more Sylar coming up!

    Heather J: FlashForward does have a bit of a Lost feeling to it, but with a different scenario.

    Kim: Wow! That's a big list and all of them ones I DON'T watch! Funny. I'm not so much into the crime scene shows I guess. What's this V thing that now two of you have mentioned?

    Carrie: I think Glee is online if you want to try watching it there. Kristen was great.

    Kailana: Yeah, I'll probably keep watching for now, just to see what they do... and if it changes at all.

  14. We're watching Survivor and Amazing Race this season also. Amazing Race is one of my favorite shows! I love seeing all the places they go to. Don't really have a favorite team yet, but I do like the Globetrotter guys and the team with the Aspberger's syndrome guy - I like him. The evil Russell on Survivor is driving me crazy! Somebody please wise up to him soon! Ah, well!



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