Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Weekly Geeks 2009.7: A Character Conversation

In this week's Weekly Geek installment, we have been encouraged to contact our favorite character and interview him or her.

Unfortunately, I've been having a bit of trouble with this task this week. First, I tried calling Heathcliff, but just my luck, his phone has been disconnected. I must say, I was actually quite relieved. I think it would have scared me to death to talk to him.

Then I tried to email Samwise Gamgee, but he so far, he hasn't answered back. Must be too busy handling all the problems that come up in The Shire.

My next idea was to try and get a hold some sort of bookish person, because perhaps they would be more willing to do an interview and might actually understand this book blogging fettish. I tried Hermione, but once again, no luck finding her.

Finally, I settled on Mary Bennet, you know, one of Elizabeth's younger sisters. She gets a bad wrap for the most part, so I thought I'd give her a chance to let us know what she's really all about! We were able to connect through chatting, and though she had to cut it short, I was able to ask her a couple of things:

Me: First of all, I've always been so curious as to what book you always have your nose in! We're all dying to know what you're reading!

Mary: Besides the lady's conduct books, of which I am very familiar as you may be aware, I am also fond of reading Evelina by Frances Burney, and Tristram Shandy by Laurence Sterne. And shhhh, do not tell anyone but of course I enjoy many Ann Radcliffe novels in addition!

Me: Oh, Evelina! I've read that it and yes it was pretty good. Ok, fess up now, what's your relationship like with Elizabeth?

Mary: Oh bother, she is such a bore. I cannot comprehend why she gets such lavish attention. Upon my word, I hardly understand a thing she says most of the time! I must confess though, she is quite civil is to me, she and Jane both.

Me: And of course, we need to know what you think of Mr. Darcy.

Mary: I declare, what a prideful arrogant man that one is. When Lizzy married him, it seemed the whole of the world decided he was so wonderful and amiable after all. But not me. He turns his nose up at me, but no matter, I just turn mine back up at him.

Me: Have you come across any potential marriageable prospects for yourself?

Mary: Oh, yes! Wonderful news! Mr. Collins (you remember, our cousin?) as it turns out, has a another cousin on his mother's side who has been coming to call these past months. He is the most pleasant of men and I think he means to make me an offer when next he visits. I am so overjoyed, I may be inclined to faint!

Me: That is wonderful news indeed! I wish you all the best.

Mary: Oh, my sincere thanks to you! And now I must dash off to help poor Mrs. Bennet who has been stricken down with a dizzy spell of late. I have greatly enjoyed our little tete-a-tete.

Me: It has been very fun and I thank you for being so willing to chat a while!


  1. Very fun. I wish I could get a hold of Mr. Darcy himself...

  2. LOL...I'm glad she didn't faint! Kind of hard to administer smelling salts via chat.

    Great topic this week...I'm having a blast reading all the posts!

  3. Sounds like you two had a lovely visit! i have to say, I'm glad you didn't get hold of Heathcliff either; he is a scary fellow! Too bad about Hermione though-I bet she's got some good gossip and perhaps she could have done some magic for you...then again, that might have gotten her into some trouble, wouldn't it?



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