Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Life, the Universe and Everything!

This past weekend I went to a bunch of panels and classes at a local writers convention called Life, the Universe and Everything (LTUE). This particular event has been happening for 25 plus years and it was only last year I discovered it. It's free, it's close, and they have tons of authors hanging out and classes and many other fun things I don't even know about. (Can someone tell me what "filking" is?)

The catch is that it's all about Science Fiction and Fantasy. Not to say that's a bad thing, but that is pretty much what everyone is talking about, so you really have to be into that kind of thing. Also, it's mostly for aspiring writers, which, some days I feel like I am, and other days I really really don't. But, I go with the thought in mind that it can be for readers, and author groupies, and those who love to hear about the writing process regardless of their future writing intentions!

Some of the classes I ended up at:
  • a panel discussion on the difference between MG and YA... and between YA and Adult.
  • a panel discussion on podcasts and how they can help writers.
  • a panel discussion on science fiction and the movies
  • a panel discussion on how to write cool dialogue
  • a presentation on sound affects in the movies
  • a random panel discussion where they talked about what ever they felt like!
  • a panel discussion on copyright and the Internet

Some of the classes I wish I could have fit in:

  • writing romance
  • mythology
  • archaeology
  • and the main address by Tracy Hickman, "Creative Reading."

But the most fun was watching two live broadcasts of the podcast that I love, Writing Excuses. Theses dudes are like celebrities to me! They are so funny, and give lots of wonderful writing advice, which, as I said before, is interesting even if you don't plan on writing. It's fun to listen to them from a reader perspective.

Some of the new and new-to-me authors I learned about:

"Old" Favorites that were there:

Anyway, it was all very fun. I even got to hang out with Natasha from Maw Books for a bit too!

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  1. BRANDON SANDERSON?! Oh I'm totally jealous now. I can't wait for the final Wheel of Time book he's working on.

    Oh, and filk is scifi/fantasy folk music. You can read more about it here:

    Strange that I know that, huh?

  2. I was wondering what filk was too! Now that would explain the music and singing I heard coming from one of the classrooms.

    Taylor LOVED the class he went to on Friday evening and if anything, it was worth it for that class alone.

    Like you saw, I was busy with my kids but loved seeing all the people who love books and reading there to support their favorite authors.

    It was fun to see you there!

  3. Tracy Hickman co-authored the original Dragonlance series which you HAVE to read if you haven't. I guess that would be my next mission after the Belgaraid and the Mallorean, huh? I have a "dinner" thing with LE Modsit (or however you spell it) but I have only read one of series, and unfortunately was not impressed and haven't read any others. But it was interesting since Scott accidentally offended him at the dinner. Hehehehe.

    Bummed I couldn't go this year. Mabye I won't be sick and pregnant next year. :)

  4. Heather: Yes, Brandon Sanderson! He's a blast to listen to. Very fun. Thanks for the heads up on filking. I should have poked my head in there and listened a bit!

    Maw Books: And so is Taylor actually writing yet? I heard so many times... "just start writing!" and thought of him!

    Julie: Dang I have so many HAVE-to-reads piling up! :) Yes, next year, come with me. I think I saw that Brandon will be the headliner main dude next year.

  5. that sounds like a great free event!



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