Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Sunday Salon: Reading Funk

Sad to say, I've been in one of those dreaded funks again lately. Part of the problem is that's it's been a busy book fair week and there's not been much time for reading, and if there was time, I've been too tired.

But the really sad thing is that I'm just not feeling it for Inkdeath. This really grieves me! I've been so looking forward to this book, and I loved the first two like crazy, but this one.... sheesh, nearly 200 pages in and NOTHING is really happening! Arrgghhh! So, I'm giving it a break.

Instead, I picked up a book for book club this month The Wednesday Letters by Jason Wright. Review to come soon.

And then I want to try and complete the Lit Flicks Challenge which ends this month, so I need to read All the Pretty Horses, and The Dark is Rising so that's what I'll be concentrating on today. And I do expect lots of reading time. I may fit a bit of War and Peace in there too. And some James Dashner.

Here's hoping to end the funk!


  1. There's very little worse than a book that you expect to love but which you can't get into.

    The Dark Is Rising is a wonderful book. I'm jealous at the thought of reading it for the first time!

  2. Ah, I hate when that happens. Maybe your expectations were a little too high?

    Hope you pull out of your funk soon!

  3. I hope you are able to pull yourself out of the reading funk.

    I saw the Inkheart movie last weekend and had been wonder if I should continue reading the trilogy since I wasn't blown away by Inkheart when I read it. Your comments about Inkdeath aren't very encouraging.

  4. The Dark is Rising is one of the first books that made me love reading. I love the entire sequence and reread it at least once a year. :]


  5. I read Inkspell and loved it but Inkdeath has been on my shelves unread for years now. I don't know why, but I just don't want to pick it up.

  6. Reading funks happen, and reading a book you're not enjoying doesn't help. Don't feel bad if you don't finish it; maybe it's just not for you, even if the first two were...hey, you could have called it Reading Funk(e). Ha...I also was in the Lit Flicks Challenge, and All The Pretty Horses was a very good book, although I didn't see the movie.

  7. Neither of my boys could get into Inkdeath. The only Funke book they liked was The Thief Lord. I guess you really aren't alone! I say, give it up. Life is too short to slog through books that don't interest you. You know the saying--So many books, so little time! ;)

  8. I'm not in a reading funk, but I am having a hard time reading anything complicated. Most of my reading for the last two months has been mysteries, a few fantasy novels, and a lot of young adult. It's a strange trend for me, but if I pick anything up that requires a lot of thinking I just can't be bothered! I hope I get over that soon...

  9. Frumiousb and Chayenne: After your comments, I'm going to have to bump this one up to the top for sure!

    Lisamm: I'm sure you are right, that my expectations were too high.

    Literary Feline and Lisa: Please don't let me discourage you... do still try it!

    Unfinished Person: I'm enjoy what I've read so far of All The Pretty Horses... though I'm not sure I'm "getting it" all yet!

    Kim: Well, I'm giving it a break, but I'm not ready to give up on it totally yet. I will come back!

    Kailana: I know what you mean. I get myself in a YA routine, and then other stuff just seems too hard! :)

  10. I think once the business dies down with the book fair, you'll get out of the reading funk.



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