Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Review: The Hunt for Dark Infinity by James Dashner

Book: The Hunt for Dark Infinity (The 13th Reality Book 2) by James Dashner

Genre: YA SF/Fantasy

Rating: A

For: Fun

First a story. Did I ever tell you about how I got a hold of this book? I don't think so because it's a bit embarrassing. As you know, a month or so ago, we went to the Utah Book Bloggers Bash hosted by Natasha (Maw Books Blog.) And Mr. James Dashner was kind enough to participate in our little shindig, which we all thought was quite exciting.

Then at one point during the party, he brought out a little stack of books, ARCs of this #2 book and one copy of the first 13th Reality book, then handed them to Natasha and told her to deal with it! My eyes lit up and she noticed. I begged, I pleaded. I even played the "my son is a huge fan" card (which is totally true, he is.) Lucky for me, it worked and she handed me a copy! THEN, everyone else drew for who would get the other books. My husband was so embarrassed at my obnoxious behavior! But then, it all ended well when James Dashner got everyone's email and told them he'd send them all a copy! So in the end, I didn't have to feel too bad. But seriously, I don't think any of them had read the first book yet even. (Am I right guys?) Anyway, hopefully they don't hate me too bad.

So back to the book. Both my son and I have now read it. It comes out just next week, so I figure we at least owe Mr. Dashner Dude a review.

Quick Summary: In the first book, Tick gets a bunch of letters, all with riddles that he must solve, in order to prove himself worthy to be a Realitant and become a member of this elite group that keeps track of and protects all the different Realities. (For my review on that book click

This 2nd book picks up at the end of a boring summer (especially after all the excitement of the first book) with Tick and his new friends waiting to hear from Master George, the head of the Realitants. They are anxious for their next mission. When it comes, of course things go wrong and suddenly, they are off on an adventure that is making no sense to them. It's like they are being tested all over again. What could be going on?

Meanwhile, back at the headquarters, their other friend, Sato, gets sent on his own scary adventure, complete with an amazing, breath-taking chase scene. Then there's Master George who, along with his eclectic group of Realitants, is trying to figure out exactly what's going on because things are all a bit confusing. And then also, we learn much more about the villains, both the new one and the old one.

The book is full of heart-pounding chase scenes, many explosions and destruction galore! There's also lots of riddles to solve, just like in the first book. I'm lousy at the riddles. Good thing the kids in the book seem to always figure them out!

Bottom line, I totally enjoyed it! I think even better than the first book. It's extremely fast-paced with never a slow moment. There's more character development, with back stories on many of them. I really hope we get to hear more about Mistress Jane in future books, especially. Well, I'm quite sure that's going to happen!
I wanted my 14 year old son, who's been reading James Dashner's books from the very beginning, to share his feelings about this book too. He gets very nervous about these things, so we just did it interview style.

Me: So, what's this book about anyway?

Him: It's about these kids who go into different dimensions called Realities and they have to protect the Realities from the bad guys. It's cool because it's all based on the idea of quantum physics.

Me: Did you like it? And if so, why.

Him: Yes, I liked it a lot because it has a fast pace. I liked the storyline, it has lots of good twists and curves, and in a way, it's even somewhat realistic. The characters are great and have really unique personalities.

Me: Who's your favorite character?

Him: Paul, one of Tick's friends, is my favorite character because he's funny.

Me: What did you think about the villains?

Him: They were good and mean. But, at one point I did feel sorry for Mistress Jane. She was even trying to help Tick, I think.

Me: What was your favorite scene?

Him: It was when Sato was getting chased by the crazy people, trying to get back to the elevator. There was no way I could have put the book down then.

Me: Could you figure out the riddles?
Him: I figured out one of them, sort of. The one in the smelly reality. The others were pretty hard I thought.

And now, instead of doing the customary author interview, I just thought I'd post a couple of fun tidbits I've learned about James Dashner from reading his blog:
  • He has another book coming out this year called The Maze Runner. It sounds wonderful!
  • He loved The Story of Edgar Sawtelle.... and The Hunger Games.
  • He refuses to watch movie trailers... but loves movies.
  • He graduated from high school in 1991.
  • He grew up in Florida.
  • He's a fan of The Office, and Lost.
  • He likes to ski and takes amazing snow pictures while out there.
  • He's a big sports fan.
  • He's married with four kids.
  • He quit his day job in the summer and has been full-time authoring ever since!

So be excited this book comes out next week! Get it! You'll love it, but especially (and to quote Marty McFly) your kids are gonna love it!


  1. Great review, makes me want to run out and get a copy.

  2. You finished it before me! I'm about a third in. Hope to finish in a couple of days.

  3. Don't be embarrassed about your begging at the party. I had completely forgotten. After the party we went out and got the first book and my husband just devoured it. Then our copy of the second one came and he loved that one too. He's decided that he's found a new genre to read. I still haven't gotten to them yet. I need to very soon since the 2nd one will be released soon.

  4. I'll be posting my review soon. I read both books and so did my husband. There fun books, we liked them.



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