Saturday, March 15, 2008

Vote for your Favorite!

I decided to try a poll. You can find it over in the side bar there. (Sorry it's hard to read, I can't figure out how to get the text a different color!)

So, once and for all, let me know what the VERY BEST social book networking site is! I hear people talk about Library Thing, Good Reads and Shelfari all the time, and they all sound quite fun, but I don't think I could do all three. (Is there another one even? I keep thinking I'm forgetting one....)

But maybe I could handle one of them.

So, the dilemma is... which one?

Thus.... a poll!


  1. Of the 3 I like LibraryThing the best. However, it's the only one that costs money after the first 200 books. That's a downside to a lot of people. For me it was worth the money (you can get a one-time fee-lifetime membership for $25 I think it is). But Shelfari and Goodreads are both good too and they're free. If I had to choose between those 2, it would be a tough choice. Probably Shelfari would win over Goodreads, but barely. :-)

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  3. LibraryThing, hands down! I've tried Shelfari but it is so primitive compared to LT. LibraryThing is in Beta mode because the owners have decided it will *always* be in Beta, since they are continuously improving the site. The $25 for a life-time membership is very little to pay to support a site, imho.

  4. If you can believe it, I coughed up the $25 for a lifetime subscription to LibraryThing. I guess my friend Julie (who first introduced me to LT) can help win me over to it. I'll probably keep Goodreads active too, and see which one wins out. :) -Michelle

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