Monday, March 17, 2008

Review: Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott

Book: Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott
Genre: NF
Rating: A
Now THIS is the kind of writing pep talk book that I love! In this book, Anne Lamott takes us through all the different aspects of writing that she covers in her writing classes. She gives lots of examples, she tells lots of funny stories from her own writing experiences and she actually dishes out some great advice for those thinking about writing.
I found myself wishing I didn't have a library copy so I could mark it up. There were lots of one-liners and quotes that I loved. Maybe I'll end up with my own copy one of these days, then I'll gladly re-read it!


  1. I was given this book for Christmas from a dear friend but have not had a chance to read it yet. I'm looking forward to it now even more than before after reading what you thought of it!

  2. This is the best book about writing I have ever read, along with Stephen King's On Writing. Both are excellent books.

    I'm glad you enjoyed this one as well.



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