Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Library Thing, Here I Come

So, according to my little poll, most of you are liking Library Thing for your book site of choice. You seem to like Goodreads too, but Library Thing still wins out in the end. Therefore, I'm going to try it and see what I think. It does look like a fun place to play!

Click HERE to get to my profile. Come and find me and say hi and tell me how to find you. I'm Suey there, like I am at most places. 'Course, there's not much in my library yet 'cause that'll take awhile. And at some point I'll have to decide whether or not I fork out the money for it. It won't take me long to reach the limit. But in the meantime, I hope to get a feel for the place and if I really want to stay there long enough to make that money investment worth it.

For those who are old pros there, I already have a question. Isn't there a place to say simply whether the book you add is READ or NOT READ.... I have lots to add that I have't read yet, so it seems logical that you'd see right off that I haven't read them yet. Am I making sense? Or is that just assumed by whether or not I've rated and/or reviewed them?

Anyway, back to playing with it!


  1. Never mind! I just found where you say "reading it" or "read it". :)

  2. I'm really partial to LibraryThing. I've tried Goodreads and Shelfari, but neither met my needs. I hope you will enjoy LibraryThing as much as I do!

  3. I use Library Thing too. It's fun! I'll have to find you on there...I've pretty much given up on 360!

  4. I'm on LibraryThing as lharsma. I LOVE it. I mainly use it as a list of books I've already read, not books I own, each tagged by year read. I'm behind a month or two...



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