Monday, March 10, 2008

Review: A Great and Terrible Beauty by Libba Bray

Book: A Great and Terribly Beauty by Libba Bray

Genre: YA Fantasy

Rating: B+

Yet another new-to-me YA author! I've been hearing so much about this author and this series (the third of which recently came out) and seeing all the young girls hauling them around, that I bumped it up on my TBR list and read it this past week.

This story has a very unique take on the magical world. The setting is Victorian England at a girls boarding school. Yet the story is also familar in that our main character learns that she has some pretty cool magical powers. However, the powers come with a price, and bad things can happen if she uses them. And bad, bad people can find her and track her down!

I totally enjoyed this story, though I found some of it to be a bit bizarre for me and some of the magical stuff kinda went right over my head. It was pretty dark and creepy in parts too. But overall, I really liked it and am now invested in these characters and for sure I'll be wanting to find out what happens to them.

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