Friday, November 16, 2007

What's Cool.... and What's Not........

So yesterday over on Confessions of a Book-a-holic, Stephanie was discussing stuff that's cool, as inspired by Stephen King's fun article in Entertainment Weekly. She asked us, what do we think is cool.

So I had fun with this idea, especially after reading King's article.

So, here you go..... stuff I think is cool, compared with stuff that I think is not:

Crocs are cool, but wearing Crocs with socks (like I do), not so cool.....

Monument Valley is cool, VERY cool, but Death Valley, neat, but not cool....

Josh Groban, very cool with how he handles adoring fans, but other celebrities?..... not so cool.

Christian Bale as Batman is cool, but Michael Keaton as Batman, not cool.

Alex O'Loughlin's vampire interpretation in Moonlight....VERY cool, but Tom Cruise's vampire in Interview with a Vampire, not. (Well, I'm just assuming this since I haven't really seen it or anything!)

Riding a motorcycle is cool, but riding a moped is not.

Authors who write blogs are cool, but authors who don't are not!

Drummers are cool, but then so are guitarists, and bass players, and rockin' pianists, and celloists, and tumpeters .... okay, so musicians are cool! But singers who can't play an instrument of any kind are not!


Well, anyway, I had fun!


  1. Yeah!! GREAT post!!

    Musicians are defintely cool!! I dated both a drummer and a lead singer in bands, and while they weren't the best boyfriends, they were definitely COOL!!

    Alex O'Laughlin rocks!!

    And I'm right there with you on Christian Bale! Coolest Batman yet!

  2. Musicians are cool, that's true.

    Tom Cruise has not been cool since the 80's and even then he wasn't that cool. :)

  3. Good post. Totally with you on Christian Bale. Then again, I'd watch him in just about anything... I'm off to check out the Stephen King article. (thanks for the link.)

  4. Musicians are cool, so is Christian Bale as batman, but I would say Val Kilmer as Batman is not cool (not michael keaton).

    Alex v. tom, totally agree, though at the time I watched Interview, tom was great in the role. Alex is just much sexier and cooler.

  5. fun post!

    but driving a moped IS cool! I miss my moped so much:(



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