Friday, May 18, 2007

Book Club Report

Once a month I host book club at my house. Last night we met and discussed the book Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment. Everyone seemed to really enjoy it and most of them plan on reading the next two books in the trilogy. The last one comes out just next week! Yes!

I also asked everyone the questions from the recent meme that's been going around about all the different books in their lives. I got some fun answers and plan on emailing the responses back to everyone in the group. They can use it for summer reading ideas. Fun, huh.

We discussed a little bit about what our future plans are. We won't be meeting during the summer, but will wait until school starts up again. Click here for what our upcoming plans are. They want to read something light and funny for our December book, but we all had a mind blank. Any ideas anyone?

Anyway, it was fun, as always. I mentioned to them that I've started this book blog where they can come to get ideas from all the lists I have fun making. So if anyone from the club stops by, please say hi! And enjoy!

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  1. Nobody seems to like this Binchy title and, wouldn't you know, I've got it on my shelves!!! I've read only one of her books: London Transports (short stories) and it was awful. Someday, I hope to read a good Binchy book; I know she's written plenty.



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