Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Gift Card Shopping

I got a Barnes and Noble gift card for Mother's Day! Yeah! So now comes the major question of what to buy? Any suggestions? It's not so simple as just go and see what jumps out! I have to decide if the book is worthy of purchase, or would it be better just to get it from PBS, or would it just be the best if I got it at the library? You see, it's just not too easy!

So, what are some recent books that are worthy of a "real" purchase? Maybe some not so recent ones also?

Let me know what you think! Of course, I'll let you know what I end up with!


  1. Hmmmm.....I just bought The Road. Actually, in the last few months I've bought too many books. Nineteen Minutes is what I'm reading now. I'm hit or miss with Picoult. Either love it or hate it. I think this one will be a good one though.

    By the way, I tagged you with a meme on my blog! Sorry, hope you don't mind!! Come on over and read the rules, then post it yourself!

  2. Have you read The Book Thief? That's an absolute must-read, IMHO. I tell everyone to read it. I've just looked at your all-time favorites list and we've read a lot of the same books and loved them. :)

  3. Whenever I have gift money from a bookshop I get a spankin' new copy of a book that I already love (either I don't own a copy yet, or my copy has bit the dust). I'm never disappointed that way.

  4. Forgot to say I love your blog and that pic of the nice, messy shelf full of books.



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