Thursday, May 24, 2007

Booking Through Thursday: Parlez Vous?

Booking Through Thursday

Here’s an idea from Julie:

I had an idea for a BTT question when I was taking a peek at one of my bookcases yesterday and spotted my old copy of the Aeneid in Latin sitting there. Maybe this question has already been done—but if not… Do you have any foreign language books and if so can you (still) read them?

I do have a bunch of French books from college classes, but I don't think I can read them anymore. I could read words, but not understand sentences. The Mr. has a bunch of Spanish books, but HE can still read them. In fact, he had one out recently and was reading it aloud to JJ to help her with her Spanish class. He thought it was great fun.


  1. I do wish I had more time to go back to school again! That was the best time in my life. I would love to take more foreign language and lit classes! My French is really rusty, but I think I could manage! I did take 8 years!

  2. I had some books from French that I found when I moved to Texas. I couldn't read but a couple of words. It was really sad!



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