Sunday, November 20, 2022

The Sunday Post: Another Year Older

 The Sunday Post is a blog news meme hosted at Caffeinated Reviewer.

Time for another catch up post!!


One of my new favorite groups is called TRENDZ... here is the "dance practice" of their latest song. I wanted you to see their amazing choreography, should you happen to choose to click on it! They blow me away with this talent! AHH!

And for something totally different that I'm loving from this week:

Watching: Just keeping up with the Survivor and Amazing Race episodes. I finally got invested in a kdrama from last year called From a Distance, Spring is Green. It tackles some heavy subjects, but stars an adorable kpop idol named Park Jihoon. I'm loving his acting in this one.

Reading: I actually finished several books over the past couple of weeks! It's a miracle! Fingersmith, The Maid, and People We Meet on Vacation. I really enjoyed all of them. You should be able to find my thoughts on all of them here on the blog, or over on the Booktube channel.

Writing: I've been doing pretty awful at my 10,000 word Nano goal, but I did add another 1000 the other day, for a total of almost 3000. Better than nothing, right?

Blogging: The Struggle!


The Booktube channel is growing fast thanks to the Book Shelf Tour video I shared here last time. I have since uploaded the video where I reorganized the mess and tried to get rid of some things. Here's that one if you missed it:

On the Kpop channel I'm gearing up for all the year end video compilations I love to do. Maybe I'll have a cool one to share next time.

Health Watch: Ugh. It's still terrible in this category of my life. I dug out all my fat pants that I was wearing three years ago before I lost the weight. Most of it is back on now. Just like everyone said it would be. I am learning that "normal" eating won't work at all for sure. (Normal eating meaning normal carbs... not even out of control carbs.)

We all had a bit of a cold at this house since last I wrote. But we never tested for the covid, so who knows? 


* I'm anxious about what's going to happen with Twitter since I'm quite addicted to that spot. I don't think many of you follow me over there, so it probably won't affect our little interaction here. I am embracing Discord and finding some places there. If you are in a Discord that you find is cool let me know!

* I had a birthday this past week! Is that reason to celebrate? I'm not sure any more!

* We are going to see Mandy Patinkin in concert this weekend. We saw him once upon a time years ago and I'm excited to see him again. He's quite the goofball! And an amazing singer.


  1. I did click the Trendz video link and their choreography really is amazing.

    I watched a little bit of your bookshelf reorg video and can see why it's so popular. I just have too short of a dang attention span. I love that your daughter was helping you!

    Happy belated birthday, happy Thanksgiving, and enjoy your concert!

  2. I'm hoping that Twitter hangs on somehow, but I'm not sure it will.



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