Sunday, November 6, 2022

The Sunday Post: NOVEMBER!

The Sunday Post is a blog news meme hosted at Caffeinated Reviewer.

Sorry I've been so MIA lately! So much is going on here... well, it's slowed down a bit now but wow, October was INTENSE! We literally had some sort of party or travel, or thing every night for two weeks straight. It was fun, but so very crazy. Anyway. Here's my report!


I had fun making a Thanksgiving playlist on Spotify. Here's the link if you're interested:  

One of my favorite songs from the past month is this from a boy group now called TFN (formerly T1419) and they are a less well known, new-ish group. We got to see them at the festival we went to in October (see below) and then they come out with this new song shortly after. I love love love the choreography! And it's so fun to know them better now after seeing them all in person. They are awesome!

If you want something a little more mellow, I'm in love with this guy's debut solo album. Seriously so good.  He's the dude from a brother sister duo group called AKMU. Anyway, this is the title track:



Doing pretty well at keeping up with Survivor and Amazing Race. Finished Young Actor's Retreat (which I reviewed here) and trying to find a kdrama that captures my attention. Struggling in that department. I haven't really watched much else lately.


I finished Feed by Mira Grant (reviewed here) and Fingersmith by Sarah Waters... review to come soon. Both strange books. I started The Maid by Nita Prose for book club. I can tell I'm not quite in the mood for it. I may wait another week and read something more... fun... for a minute. I really need something fun right now. What should it be??


I pledged to write 10,000 words as a NANOWRIMO rebel! So far I've done 1000! Woot! I haven't done much this weekend though, so that's not good. But seriously, having this bite-sized goal feels so awesome... and I don't know what it is about doing a big community event like this that makes writing more fun... but there's something there that drives me.  


I uploaded two posts this week lol! And I already linked to them... my review of Feed and of Young Actors' Retreat. This week I hope to review Fingersmith, maybe do a Top Ten Tuesday, and not sure what else. 


I've posted several videos on the new booktube channel. The most popular one so far is a tour of my bookshelves. Go check it out if you haven't yet!


 We are now working on a video of us organizing the books. Look for that one to come soon!

The kpop channel has my favorites of the month compilation. So check that one out for some awesome songs that you might fall in love with! There's a bunch of mellow ones on the list this time, if that's your style:


In mid October we went to a thing called KAMP LA 2022... it was a brand new kpop festival that we were so excited about, but it turned out to be quite the fiasco. Half of the artists that were promised to come, didn't come because of visa issues, which is the fault of the festival organizer. We think they didn't have enough money because people didn't buy tickets like they thought and so they messed up the visas on purpose since they wouldn't have money to pay them. In they end they were giving away free tickets (that I paid hundreds of dollars for) and begging people to show up. It was crazy. But still we went because we just wanted to see Super Junior and thankfully they showed up! So... after six years of being into this kpop thing, I finally got to see the group that started it all for me. It was amazing. We did a vlog about the whole experience, with clips from the shows... here:


Struggling. Always struggling. I finished the first month of doTerra's Metapowr stuff and it was all good, but I didn't lose weight or anything miraculous like that. I plan to at least continue with the collagen drink. 


* I've been so devastated by the tragedy that happened in Seoul last weekend. My sister was there with her friends (in Seoul) but chose to go to a concert that night instead of partying with her friends. Her friends were in the area (Itaewon) where the crush of people happened, but hunkered down in a bar until it was safe to go. It took them hours to get back to their airbnb they were all staying in.  They are very traumatized by everything. But I'm so glad that they, and my sister are okay. This is an area my daughter was in just a few months ago and one I've visited myself when we went to Seoul. It's crazy to imagine such a tragedy happening there where everyone is so happy and having fun normally. It will never be the same again.

* Some of the craziness that's happened in the family since I last wrote: a trip to LA for the crazy kpop festival (see above), a trip to Oregon to look at houses and visit my daughter (we decided not to buy a house for now,) a birthday celebration for my husband, a wedding for my nephew, book club, church parties, work parties, an author event, Halloween, cheering on runners for a half marathon... and I can't remember what else. 

Seeing the grandkids while in Oregon.

* Oh, and the hot water heater broke, so we have been with out that until just yesterday. 

* Now the holiday season is here, so things will just keep being crazy, yes? We might be hosting Thanksgiving at our house, so that should be interesting. Wish me luck!


  1. You have been crazy busy!! I need to go back and watch some of you youtube videos. The tragedy in Seoul was just awful. I lived near Itaewon when I lived in Korea, but that was many, many years ago.

  2. O man, I love your bookshelf tour. I'm so jealous! Have been wanting a little library space of my own- right now the bookshelves overwhelm the bedroom, haha. I have a ton of old children's picture books and middle grade favorites in my collection, too. My kid has almost all the Junie B. Jones books! They're so funny. I could only watch half right now but I'm coming back later to finish seeing your shelves.

  3. Wow, your bookshelves are amazing! Good luck with NaNo and all your other goals. Have a great week.

  4. Sorry it took me so long to comment. I've had trouble commenting due to my arm and mood.

    Anyway, I'm watching Amazing Race too. Did you laugh when they used metal detectors to find spaceship parts? I laughed since it was after Star Wars. I also kept quoting Indiana Jones, lol.

    I listened to your songs. I really liked them. Thanks for sharing.

    I'm subscribed to your booktube channel but I haven't got any notifications that you posted anything new. I'll have to go check out if I've missed anything.

    I know you've wanted to move to Oregon to be closer to the grandkids. I'm glad you're not moving yet. I'd miss you.

    I'm glad you had a chance to see Super Junior. That's so awesome! :D

    I didn't hear about the thing in Seoul. I'll have to check it out. I'm glad Megan's safe.

    Good luck on NaNo. I'm going to start on Tuesday and go until December 14th now that my arm isn't hurting anymore. :D

  5. I came back and finished the video. So much fun! Love seeing your shelves. Even the jumble of your TBR- nothing to be ashamed of! Mine is just as cluttered. I have all my "read" books fairly organized, but my "unread" shelves are quite mixed up. My daughter and I were both appalled to see what happened to your Harry Potter book! (I showed that part to her in particular.)



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