Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Number Crunch for 2020 Endeavors

The numbers from this past year:


Total pages: 15,052
Total Re-reads: 0

Men: 11
Women: 31

ARCS for Review: 4
Supporting Utah Authors: 6
Book Club: 10
Read Alongs (Kpop Book Club): 2
Beehive Award Long List: 9

Library: 2
On my Kindle: 17
Bought/Owned: 23
Borrowed: 0
Audio: 0

YA: 23
Adult: 18
Middle Grade: 1

From the YA Category:
Contemporary Realistic Fiction: 10
SF/Fantasy: 7
Dystopian: 4
Historical Fiction: 1
Graphic Novel: 1

From the MG Category:
Fantasy: 1

From the Adult Category:
Historical Fiction: 1
Fantasy: 5
Romance: 7
Literary Fiction: 4
Non Fiction: 1

Star Ratings:
5 stars: 4
4 stars: 28
3 stars: 10
2 stars: 0
1 star: 0


  • Not a whole lot has changed except I'm not using the library much anymore (except for ebooks) and I'm not reading with people as much (except for book club.) Interesting.
  • My romance consumption increased thanks to befriending some people on Twitter this year that write that genre.
  • I have less 5 stars. Nothing really blew me away this year. That's sad. I'll still post a top ten, look for it.


Total Kdramas consumed: 20
5 hearts: 8
4 hearts: 6
3 hearts: 5
1 rewatch rated at 5 stars

I'll post a top ten favorites list. Look for it!

Total Videos Uploaded on The Kpop Konverters: 1,137 (up from 933 last year)
Total Uploaded in 2020:  204 (up from 105)
3 million views: 1 
Over 100,000 views:  20 (up from 15)
50,000 to 100,000 views: 22 (same as last year)
10,000 to 50,000 views:102 (up from 91)

Subscribers at year end: 32,298 (up from 27.486 last year) 
View count at year end: 13,575,314 (up from 11,350,409 last year)


  • Well, we are still growing a bit I guess! 
  • We have changed our focus from reactions to other types of videos that promotes our favorite groups. Still trying to find a perfect niche.
  • We added a website to go with our Youtubing.
  • We have grown quite a bit on the Twitter end of things.
  • We are making a tiny bit of money. Woot.
  • We ended our contract with the company over in Korea after a three year partnership.
  • We have an upcoming project happening with a fellow YouTuber that should be interesting!
  • Should I post a top ten favorite videos we've uploaded list? I will post my favorite songs as usual. Look for it!

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