Friday, January 22, 2021

Book Review: Texas Cowboy, Be Mine by Trish Milburn


Book: Texas Cowboy, Be Mine by Trish Milburn

Genre: Romance

Rating:  ★ ★ 

I've read a bunch of Trish's kpop romance books, which I totally enjoy. So the other day when she was giving away some of her cowboy romances, I jumped in and actually won one! 

So over the holidays I added it to my fluffy read pile and also totally enjoyed it! Not as much as the kpop, but you know... close. LOL! I'm good with cowboys too. Awesome sweet cowboys anyway... (lately some cowboys are getting a bad reputation... I won't elaborate.)

Anyway, I think this book is one in huge series highlighting a family and friends too? (not sure) of a group of ranchers in Texas. Something like that. So this story features the youngest sibling in a family (who I'm assuming all their stories have been told in other books) and now it's finally her turn to find love. 

The book opens when suddenly one day she is finally paying attention to a dude who has been in her town and in her school growing up, who she has always kind of liked, but things just never worked out. And of course, he has pretty much loved her all these years, and now she is finally available. 

But of course, there are tons of obstacles to work out! But of course they do it!

My only complaint is that these fun little romances aren't long enough to truly develop a romance. They just happen so fast! You all know I love more of a slow burn! Anyway, despite that, it's fun way to escape for a bit. Now I might have to find the stories of the other siblings of this family!

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