Thursday, March 14, 2019

Kdrama Review: My Strange Hero

Drama: My Strange Hero

Genre: Romantic comedy/drama
Starring: Yoo Seung Ho, Jo Bo Ah, Kwak Dong Yeon
Rating: ❤ ❤ ❤

This one was intriguing because it stars the same dude from I am Not a Robot, where he was fabulous. I loved him in this one too but the story line didn't grab me quite as much as I hoped it would.

It's about guy who was expelled from high school because of an incident, which we learn about as the drama unfolds. People told lies and he was falsely accused. Those people being his best friends. So he has lived with that over his head for the past nearly 10 years and is pretty bitter about it, but he's moving on.

But then one day he is invited to come back and finish high school. So he enrolls as a 27 year old and decided to take advantage of the situation and get revenge on all those that wronged him. His former girlfriend, who now teaches at the school and is his homeroom teacher, and his other friend, who is now the director of the school and is suffering from his own many bitter feelings.
The director dude who takes an amazing internal journey in this drama.

Well. It gets crazy, and there is so much corruption at this school thanks mostly to the mom of the our director dude. She is a piece of work for sure. And hss messed up this boy in so many ways.

Of course, our main guy falls in love all over again with the girl who is now his teacher. And his revenge takes a different turn. All together, with the help of the students in the wildflower class (kids with the lowest grades) they manage to bring all the corruption to light and take back their school!

So I enjoyed the romance parts. Our main dude is over the top adorable. I can't with him. He has the best eye smile I think... EVER. I cried during the bits with the director dude, who is SO SO MEAN, but also in SO SO MUCH pain. He was awesome. His character development was probably the best part of this drama.
The eye smile of which I speak.

Anyway. I enjoyed it. Cute one! Mixed in with the heavy drama as always!

A little trailer:

And cutie pie Ken from VIXX with a song and cute clips:


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